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StackedArea2D Chart Issues

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Hi there,


I've been using Fusion Charts for a while now. It's totally awesome. Recently though I started using it for generating Stacked Area charts and am seeing really weird issues with that. Basically, the chart seems to be fading at the top. And although I have specified black for the top most stack I see it come across as white.I suspect this is getting faded since the earlier colors also seem to fade towards their upper regions. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?




I'm using StackedArea2D.swf. Here's the xml :




<chart showValues='0' legendPosition='RIGHT' caption='Numbers' >




<category label='2009-05-06' />


<category label='2009-05-07' />


<category label='2009-05-08' />


<category label='2009-05-09' />




<dataset seriesName='a' renderAs='Area' color='00ff00' >


<set value='44.60' />


<set value='48.96' />


<set value='49.90' />


<set value='47.63' />




<dataset seriesName='b' renderAs='Area' color='ffff00' >


<set value='9.73' />


<set value='14.88' />


<set value='15.91' />


<set value='11.62' />




<dataset seriesName='c' renderAs='Area' color='ff00ff' >


<set value='3.67' />


<set value='2.88' />


<set value='3.42' />


<set value='5.25' />


<set value='4.55' />




<dataset seriesName='d' renderAs='Area' color='00ffff' >


<set value='36.59' />


<set value='30.23' />


<set value='28.50' />


<set value='31.54' />




<dataset seriesName='j' renderAs='Area' color='000000' >


<set value='1.54' />


<set value='0.96' />


<set value='0.94' />


<set value='1.78' />






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Hello Ujjwal,

Welcome to the forum, and thanks for your kind words! :)

Could you please make the following change and try again?

<chart showValues='0' legendPosition='RIGHT' caption='Numbers' plotGradientColor="" >

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