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changing color of a specific category label

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Is it possible to change the color for a specific occurance of a category label?

For example when I try to change font size or color of label '2006/4' as below, it doesn't work. Is it possible to do this any other way, using styles for instance?

<categories font ="Tahoma" fontSize="10" Fontcolor="000000">

<category label='2006/2' />

<category label='2006/3' />

<category label='2006/4' fontSize="12" Fontcolor="FF0000"/>

<category label='2007/1' />

<category label='2007/2' />

<category label='2007/3' />

<category label='2007/4' />

<category label='2008/1' />

<category label='2008/2' />

<category label='2008/3' />

<category label='2008/4' />

<category label='2009/1' />

<category label='2009/2' />


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Guest Rajroop





There is no functionality present, as of now, for specifying the individual category element color in FusionCharts v3. :)

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