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Calculation issue while retreiving data from SharePoint List?:

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Hi All,

I am facing a strang type of issue....I have a SharePoint List columns of number type in which some numbers are stored..The numbers are in the sequence as shown in the following fig: Note the  last column in the fig please:


When i calulate the total of the last column "Num-Effectiviness of the Instructor" the chart is displayed as shown in the following fig:


as you can find from the fig: the total should be 11% not this garbage value. Here is my javascript code which is being used to display this chart..I am passing strXML to SetDataXML() method .

<script type="text/javascript">

var x=0;

var i=0;

var totalEffectiviness=0;

var Avg=0.0;

var AvgE=0;

var ID=0;

var Total=0;

var TotalValue=0;

var found=false;

var myData=new Array();

var Effectiviness=0;

var strXML="<chart caption='Overall Course Chart' xAxisName='Parameters' yAxisName='Percentage'  showValues='1' numberSuffix='%' yAxisMinValue ='0' yAxisMaxValue='100'>";


Effectiviness="<%Num - Effectiveness of the instructor%>";



myData=new Array();








Total =Total + myData[x];


strXML=strXML+"<set label='Effectiveness' value='"+Total+"' />";




Would anyone of you please suggest what is wrong with Javascript code that it is not displaying the proper result?



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Guest Rajroop

Hi Sami,


We proudly announce the release of FusionCharts for SharePoint in beta. FusionCharts for SharePoint helps you create interactive & data-driven charts in SharePoint, without having to write a line of code. The charts are created using a wizard and can connect to various data sources such as SharePoint Lists, CSV, MS SQL, Oracle, Excel & BDC. You can add drill-down and export capabilities to each chart and configure both cosmetic and functional aspects.



You can download the fully-functional version from - we would love to have your feedback on this.


Please post your suggestions and any bugs as replies to the forum thread at:

FusionCharts for SharePoint beta impression

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