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Can't set upperlimit to less than 100

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If I set the upperLimit to 60, the gauge goes to 100.

If I set the upperLimit to 200, the gauge goes to 200.

If I set the upperLimit to 360, the gauge goes to 360.

??????  Why doesn't it go below 100%

<chart bgAlpha='0'  dataStreamURL="" refreshinterval="5" tickValueStep='1' majorTMNumber='3' minorTMNumber='0' bgColor='FFFFFF' lowerLimit='0' upperLimit='60' numberSuffix='min' showBorder='0' basefontColor='415B6A' chartTopMargin='25' chartBottomMargin='25' chartLeftMargin='25' chartRightMargin='25' toolTipBgColor='80A905' gaugeFillMix='{dark-10},FFFFFF,{dark-10}' gaugeFillRatio='3'>
 <color minValue='0' maxValue='20' code='00D821' /> 
 <color minValue='20' maxValue='40' code='F6BD0F' /> 
 <color minValue='40' maxValue='60' code='E33C3C' /> 
 <dial rearExtension='10' /> 
 <point value='30' displayValue='Average' fontcolor='004400' useMarker='1' dashed='1' dashLen='2' dashGap='2' valueInside='1' /> 

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