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Fusion Chart width as percentage problem

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I have used a % value for a few of my charts, which correctly scales the width of the chart to width of the table/div, however I noticed when I apply a % value to the Doughnut3D chart, the chart does not display.

Here is my code:

$FC3 = new FusionCharts("MSBar3D", "450", "550");

$FC4 = new FusionCharts("MSBar3D", "100%", "550");

$FC5 = new FusionCharts("Doughnut3D", "450", "300");

$FC6 = new FusionCharts("Doughnut3D", "100%", "300");

$FC3, $FC4 and $FC5 displays correctly, $FC6 does not display at all. If I set it to a whole number (pixels) it displays.

Is this a bug for this chart? I havent tried all charts, but this is the first one i came across that could not take a % value.


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Guest Madhumita


Can you please send us your code. So far we have not been able to recreate the same issue.

The Doughnut chart takes percentage values.


Your code will help us analyse why the issue is occurring.


I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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Guest Rajroop

Hello Andrew,




We have tested on both the browsers cited by you.




Could you please specify/elaborate a bit more on the issue that you are facing? Kindly add your code to your post for our testing purposes, if possible.




:) Looking forward to your reply.

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