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FusionCharts/MySQL/PHP Job

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I need an estimate for the following work:

I have a mysql table, responses, laid like:

ans1 - number 1-10

wtaken - 2 digit week number that the record was entered

dtaken - dd/mm/yyyy that the record was entered

I need to find all responses that fall between 2 given dates, date_start and date_end which I am passing from a form.

I then need to take the responses, break them down by week taken, and calculate the average which I then need to plot to a line or bar chart


I would also like to have a fusionchart programmed to be run weekly to take the current week's results and plot a fusionchart pie chart that shows what percentage of the total results each number 1-10 is. Example:










Would give me a pie chart where each number, 6,7,8,9 would represent 25% of the pie.

Thank you in advance!

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