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Fusion Charts occasionally fail to render

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I am attempting to use FusionCharts for a new feature in our application; unfortunately, the chart will occasionally fail to render, for reasons which are not clear to us.




I am enclosing several files. The file correct.png shows how the chart is expected to render, and most of the time does. Randomly, maybe one in five times, it renders incorrectly, as shown by bugged.png.




In both cases, I have verified that we are sending it identical XML data, as provided in chartxml.xml (also attached). Finally, I have verified that the HTML being used to display the chart is in both cases identical; it is provided in objecttag.txt. Since we are creating the object in the same way and giving it the same input each time, I can only conclude that the failure to render correctly is occurring within the component.




Worse, subscribing to the API methods listed in the documentation (FC_DataLoadError, FC_NoDataToDisplay, FC_DataXMLInvalid) does not give me a way to detect this error; nothing fires these methods even when the chart fails to load correctly (if I knew that, I could at least attempt to redraw it).




I need to know a) if there is some error in how we're creating the chart that causes the error, :D if not, whether there is a way to prevent the error, c) if there are any known workarounds, d) if there is any way to detect that this error has occurred, e) if none of the above, how soon this issue will be addressed.




Everyone here is pleased with FusionCharts' appearance and ease of use, but the random failure to draw correctly is causing big problems with acceptance. We are honestly considering scrapping the prototype and using another product if we can't fix it somehow, so your prompt attention is appreciated.




This behavior is occurring for me in Internet Explorer. I see it in IE8 with IE7 compatibility mode enabled. Our VP is seeing it in regular IE7, and I'll be trying to reproduce it in IE6 later today. The version of Flash installed on all these machines is Flash 10.




I have used the debug window (when the chart renders correctly) to confirm that I am running v3.1.1, which I believe is the most recent version. When the chart renders incorrectly, the debug window is not available.




I was following the issue at which appears to be the same problem, but the only proposed resolution is upgrading to the version of the product I am already running.




This seems to be an old issue, because




are the same thing. Looking at suggestions from those issues, I can add that I am using the provided JS to embed the chart, and that I am specifying a width in pixels and not in percent. I am also confident that the page has finished rendering by the time that I am working on the chart, as I am dynamically creating the chart in response to a user selecting an item from a drop-down list. The pages are being served up by IIS5.1 and 6.0, as we have an ASP.Net solution that is being developed on WinXP and deployed to Win2003 servers.




Although there are sometimes issues related to use of '%' as numberPrefix, I can also verify that the problem still occurs when i replace % with %25 as my suffix.




-Tom Mancine





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Guest Madhumita

Hello Tom,

If the chartThe chart appears but is squeezed up at top-left corner with everything illegible :

Please make sure that:

  • You've specified the width and height of chart in pixel values (without any string after it i.e., specify 200 instead of 200px).
  • You're not specifying the chart width and height in %.
  • If using direct HTML OBJECT/EMBED code to embed the charts, please provide the following additional parameters to FlashVars:

    <object ... >


     <param name="FlashVars" value="&dataURL=Data.xml&chartWidth=300&chartHeight=250">


     <embed src="../FusionCharts/Column3D.swf" flashVars="&dataURL=Data.xml&chartWidth=300&chartHeight=250".../>


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