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Guest Madhumita

Problem with bgSWF background image

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I am experimenting with the Scatter chart sample.  I have succesfully made a number of changes by playing with the xml settings.

Ultimately, I am trying to chart the locations of trailers on a trucking yard using this tool.  To that end, I want to place a layout of the trucking yard as the background image for the chart. 

I have created a jpeg file with visio that looks like a fictional trucking yard but I can not get it to display.  I placed the yard.jpeg file in the same directory as the in the charts directory (C:Usersscott7DownloadsFusionChartsFusionCharts_EvaluationCharts).  At the moment I am running off my c drive, no webserver is involved. 

Here is what my chart element looks like:

<chart palette='1' caption= 'YMS - Columbus, OH' numDivLines='13' yAxisName='Slots' xAxisName='Slots' rotateNames='0' showLegend='1' showNames='1' xAxisMaxValue='10' xAxisMinValue='1' yAxisMaxValue='10' decimals='1' bgSWF='yard.jpeg' >

What am I missing? 

Thank you for your help in advance!


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Thanks guys. Here is what I did over the weekend that took care of it - and it is the advice from you both





rotateNames='0' showLegend='0' showNames='0' showLabels='0'




canvasBgAlpha='00' canvasBorderColor='333333' canvasBorderThickness='0' showYAxisValues='0' bgAlpha='0'


xAxisMaxValue="100" xAxisMinValue="00" yAxisMaxValue="7" decimals="1">




Thanks again.



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