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Drawing Pad - annotations question

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Hey Guys,

I am using the drawing pad with annotations (as you suggested in a previous post) and it is simply awesome.  See the screenshot below. 

This is driven from the database and allows our users to see graphically what is going on in the yard.  I could not be happier with the way this is turning out!  Thanks!

I have a couple questions:  (I have been through the docs and don't see how I might handle these items)

1.  You will notice on the png below that there are horizontal and vertical parking spaces on the yard.  The horizontal slots are easy to label as you can see.  The vertical slots are different.  Is there a way to display text vertically on the drawing pad?  (I see this on many of the other charts and graphs.

2.  Can I make something in the annotation a link?  I have it setup so that we can hover over a truck and it will provide whatever info we want in the tooltip (very cool!).  Can I put a link in the tooltip?

 Thanks for an excellent tool!



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