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How can I combine years and quarters on the same chart?

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Attached is a .png file showing a chart with yearly data, rendered as a 3D column chart.

I want to overlay this chart with 3D bars showing quarterly data, with four 3D bars in front of each year bar.  I do not want to change the X axis labels, so I don't think this is a request for dual X axis, which FusionCharts does not currently support even though users have been requesting it for at least three years in this forum.

However, the quarter series has four times as many data points as the year series, and I want the year bars to remain as wide as they are now, with each group of four quarter bars displayed in front of each year bar.  I hope that's clear.  If not, I can fake a modified picture of the enclosed .png to illustrate what I want.

The UI has a dropdown which allows the user to change the chart type.  If the user selects line, I want this chart to have two lines, one with a data point for each year and another line with a data point for each quarter within each year.  Again, I don't want to change the X axis labels.  Similarly, the user can select 2D column and area chart.  In each case I want the data for both the years and the quarters to be rendered with the same type that the user selects, and no change to the X axis.

1. How can I accomplish this with FusionCharts Enterprise?

2. When will the next version of FusionCharts be released?

3. Will the next version of FusionCharts support dual X axes?

Thank you in advance for your reply.


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Please try downloading the latest version of FusionCharts, i.e FusionCharts v3.2.1 which would support Multi-series Column3D with Dual Y-axis and various other upgraded features, with the help of the following link.


Also, please try using the MSColumn3DLineDY.swf to solve your purpose.


For further details on the XML format of the above chart, please refer to the following link.


Hope this helps. :D

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