php class: changing bar colour when using array

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i'm using a bar2d to output some data that is contained within an array.




i would like all bars to be the same colour except one, that represents the logged in user. assuming the following code snippet how can i customise the colour of one bar?




         //Store Name of Products in the first column of the array

         $arrData[0][0] = "Singapore";

         $arrData[1][0] = "India";

         $arrData[2][0] = "England";

         $arrData[3][0] = "Germany";

         //Store sales data in the second column of the array

         $arrData[0][1] = 567500;

         $arrData[1][1] = 815300;

         $arrData[2][1] = 556800;

         $arrData[3][1] = 734500;

//add the logged in user

         $arrData[4][0] = "You";

         $arrData[4][1] = 123455;

         $FC = new FusionCharts("Bar2D","600","300");

         # Call FusionCharts PHP Class Function to add data from the array







how can i have all the bars green, except "you" which can be in red?

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Could you please use the attribute 'color' in your code to resolve the issue?

Ref.- $arrData[4][0] = "You;color=FF0000";

Hope this helps. :(

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