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Problem loading data "No data to display"

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I have the following setup:












the charts folder contains all swf files and the fusioncharts.js file.


the xml folder contains the xml data


the js folder contains:









var myChart = new FusionCharts("../charts/hbullet.swf", "myChartId", "400", "200", "0", "0");












now when i attempt to load hbullet or even funnel, i get "No data to display" yet when using AngularGauge all works fine.




the XML i use is that from relating to each specific chart type.




i have an external XML file as im looking into writing the XML using PHP and then having the javascript read the xml and send to the chart.




any help welcome.

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Okay upon testing this out it with angulargauge again it seems that my XML is not being read. but i was under the influence it was because the chart loaded for that type.




changing my problem. what am i doing wrong when trying to read the XML?




any tips?

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Guest Rajroop

Hey Gaxze,




If your chart shows a "No data to display" message, it could be the following scenarios:




> Your XML data doesn't contain any data that could be plotted by FusionWidgets. In this case, your XML just contains the or tags without any data between them.




> You might be using a single-series chart SWF and providing data in multi-series format or vice-versa. In this case too, you'll get "No data to display" message.




> In some Dual Y Combination charts, you need to provide atleast one data-set for both the axis. Otherwise, you'll get a "No data to display" message.




Please do verify on these points and revert on whether problem still exists or not.




I will be looking forward to updates from your side in this regard.




Have a great day!

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I have fixed the problem.. somehow?!? no idea how.. havent change anything which i used last night but now all charts work fine now. however one problem seems to be i get the 'no data display' on chrome, yet on firefox and IE all goes well.




added note. im using wamp.

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