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So...upgraded to v3.1.1, thought my problem might be solved, but no go.


I'm not getting valuePosition to be recognized in my chart. You can see the month of Apr and May values overlapping? Below is the xml which clearing shows the valuePosition ABOVE and BELOW accordingly.






<chart chartLeftMargin='3' chartRightMargin='3' yAxisName='All Activities Time' alternateHGridColor='3f3f3f' valuePadding='5' rotateValues='0' showValues='1' showAlternateHGridColor='1' canvasPadding='7' alternateHGridAlpha='50' canvasBgColor='ffffff' canvasBgAlpha='50' canvasBaseColor='000000' toolTipBorderColor='000000' toolTipBgColor='3f3f3f' legendBgColor='000000' divLineColor='666666' baseFont='Verdana' baseFontSize ='10' baseFontColor ='ffffff' borderThickness='1' lineThickness='2' bgcolor='000000' caption='' PYAxisName='time' SYAxisName='' xAxisName='' numberPrefix='' formatNumberScale='0' decimals='0' >


<category name='Jan' /><category name='Feb' /><category name='Mar' /><category name='Apr' /><category name='May' /><category name='Jun' /><category name='Jul' /><category name='Jul' /><category name='Sep' /><category name='Oct' /><category name='Nov' /><category name='Dec' /></categories>

<dataset seriesName='2009' parentYAxis='S' color='ffffff' anchorBorderColor='000000' valuePosition='BELOW'>

<set value='27.52000000' /><set value='24.39555556' /><set value='29.75000000' /><set value='25.54527778' /><set value='27.67611111' /><set value='16.12194444' /><set value='14.28472222' /><set value='29.70166667' /><set value='22.83194444' /><set value='4.21055556' /><set value='24.01388889' /><set value='15.75305556' /></dataset>

<dataset seriesName='2010' color='016ed3' valuePosition='ABOVE'>

<set value='10.02305556' /><set value='8.37805556' /><set value='10.87861111' /><set value='26.04833333' /><set value='26.84861111' /><set value='19.18472222' /><set value='20.86000000' /><set value='33.41222222' /><set value='43.74027778' /><set value='41.51305556' /><set value='21.59833333' /><set value='0' /></dataset>

<styles><definition><style name='myBevel' type='bevel' distance='2' /></definition><application><apply toObject='ANCHORS' styles='myBevel' /></application></styles>


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I am afraid, the "valuePosition" attribute is supported since FusionCharts v3.2. Hence, FusionCharts v3.1.1 would not support this feature.


Please try to upgrade to the latest version, i.e, FusionCharts v3.2.1 to avail all the recently added features.


Hope this helps. :)

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