Cylinder Real-Time Color Range

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I am unable to get my cylinder to color anything other then grey... I could hard code the color but I need the cylinder to change colors based on value.


here is my xml.

var chart_data = "<chart baseFontColor='FFFFFF' majorTMColor='FFFFFF' bgColor='000000'  bgAlpha='100' showBorder='0' cylHeight='200' tickMarkGap='5' upperLimit='20.00' lowerLimit='0.00' numberSuffix='FT' dataStreamURL='DATA URL' refreshInterval='5'>";
chart_data += "		<colorRange>";
chart_data += "			<color minValue='0' maxValue='17' code='33BB00'  label='Good'/>";
chart_data += "			<color minValue='17' maxValue='18' code='FFFF00' label='Bad'/>";
chart_data += "			<color minValue='18' maxValue='20' code='FF0000' label='Oh noes!'/>";
chart_data += "		</colorRange>";
chart_data += "		<styles>";
chart_data += "			<definition>";
chart_data += "				<style type='font' name='valueFont' borderColor='FFFFFF' bold='1' size='13'/>";
chart_data += "			</definition>";
chart_data += "			<application>";
chart_data += "				<apply toObject='value' styles='valueFont'/>";
chart_data += "			</application>";
chart_data += "		</styles>";
chart_data += "		<value>8.8</value>";
chart_data += "</chart>";



what am i doing wrong?

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I am afraid, Cylinder Gauge does not support the change of the colors with the Real-time values, as of now. :(


Furthermore, Cylinder Gauge does not support <colorRange> element.


Hope this helps. :)

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