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I am rendering this in php, but am using the non-flash version to implement so it shows in an ipad or iphone etc. I have a couple of things not rendering, namely I cannot make the limit of the chart from 0 to 100 with ticks or spacing of 10's on the y-axis. Also, the slanting numbers on the x-axis wont go straight


<div id="chartContainer">You chart will load here!</div>		
<script type="text/javascript"><!-- 		
 	var myChart = new FusionCharts( "/FusionCharts/MSLine.swf","MyChartID", "640", "450", "0", "1" );	
 	myChart.setXMLData("<chart caption=' Predicted risk of developing AMD at the age of {age} is {overall_result}%.' xAxisName='Age (years)' yAxisName='Risk of AMD (%)'  bgColor='EEEDE4,FFFFFF' baseFont='Verdana' baseFontSize='12' hovercapbg='FFECAA' hovercapborder='F47E00' formatNumberScale='0' decimalPrecision='0' showShadow='0' drawAnchors='0' anchorAlpha='0' showvalues='0'  adjustDiv='0' yAxisMaxvalue='100' yAxisMinValue='0' divIntervalHints='10' numDivLines='10' slantLabel='0' labelDisplay='wrap'><categories><category label='55'/><category name=''/><category label='60'/><category name=''/><category label='65'/><category name=''/><category label='70'/><category name=''/><category label='75'/><category name=''/><category label='80'/><category name=''/><category label='85'/><category name=''/><category label='90'/><category name=''/><category label='95'/><category name=''/> <category label='100'/></categories><dataset seriesName='Current predicted risk of AMD (%)' color='2AD62A' dashed='1' anchorBorderColor='2AD62A' anchorBgColor='2AD62A'><set label='55' value='{mod_55_result}' /><set label='57' value='{mod_57_result}' /><set label='60' value='{mod_60_result}' /><set label='62' value='{mod_62_result}' /><set label='65' value='{mod_65_result}' /><set label='67' value='{mod_67_result}' /><set label='70' value='{mod_70_result}' /><set label='72' value='{mod_72_result}' /><set label='75' value='{mod_75_result}' /><set label='77' value='{mod_77_result}' /><set label='80' value='{mod_80_result}' /><set label='82' value='{mod_82_result}' /><set label='85' value='{mod_85_result}' /><set label='87' value='{mod_87_result}' /><set label='90' value='{mod_90_result}' /><set label='92' value='{mod_92_result}' /><set label='95' value='{mod_95_result}' /><set label='97' value='{mod_97_result}' /><set label='100' value='{mod_100_result}' /></dataset><dataset seriesName='Risk of AMD after optimisation of modifiable risk factors (%)' color='1D8BD1' anchorBorderColor='1D8BD1' anchorBgColor='1D8BD1'><set label='55' value='{coded_55_result}' /><set label='57' value='{coded_57_result}' /><set label='60' value='{coded_60_result}' /><set label='62' value='{coded_62_result}' /><set label='65' value='{coded_65_result}' /><set label='67' value='{coded_67_result}' /><set label='70' value='{coded_70_result}' /><set label='72' value='{coded_72_result}' /><set label='75' value='{coded_75_result}' /><set label='77' value='{coded_77_result}' /><set label='80' value='{coded_80_result}' /><set label='82' value='{coded_82_result}' /><set label='85' value='{coded_85_result}' /><set label='87' value='{coded_87_result}' /><set label='90' value='{coded_90_result}' /><set label='92' value='{coded_92_result}' /><set label='95' value='{coded_95_result}' /><set label='97' value='{coded_97_result}' /><set label='100' value='{coded_100_result}' /></dataset></chart>");  
// --> 	


Disregard the php values, as I have the coming in with no problem, its mainly the configuration, namely:


  • adjustDiv='0' yAxisMaxvalue='100' yAxisMinValue='0' divIntervalHints='10' numDivLines='10'
  • slantLabel='0' labelDisplay='wrap'

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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