Different Default Colours In Mscombi2D?

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I have created a number of simple Column2D charts with no color definition and they all render with the same default colours - pale blue, light orange, green etc.

When I create a Column/Line MSCombi2D chart - again with no color definition - all columns render in pale blue.


Is there something I can do - or undo - that allows the combi chart to render in the same default colors as the others?

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Thanks for the link but I had already spent time on that section of the documentation before I posted the question and didn't find anything to help. I guess I will have to set up a palette and apply that to all charts I use.


Before I do, however, is there no-one there who can advise on the default colours used if no color definition is given? Is pale-blue the best I can expect?










Welcome to FusionCharts Forum!smile.gif


For more details, please refer to the link: http://www.fusioncha...SS/Combi2D.html


Hope this helps.smile.gif

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