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Some Addition On Chart

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I want to add some things on chart. I am using candle stick chars. So

1. I want to put color Indicator ask trendset name of bull and bear fill color with trendset name indicator name.

2. I want to put a copyright mark of my site in the chart. I am using free version I do not any problem with fusion chart's copy right mark and to keep it. But I worked hard to get the chart working so I want put and additional copy right of my site.

3. How do I use chart name as php variable. Like in the chart I have to mention chart name in javascript like myChart.setDataURL("results.xml"); But I am generating the chart from database so I want accurate out put for each user. I do not want any conflict of data so I am using tempname. So, how can I use $name instead of result.xml


this things I want to know. Can any one will help me about this please?


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