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Building Radar Chart Using Xml In Web Part For Sp List Data

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im using radar chart v3 for sharepoint 2010, but im custom building them through XML in a webpart.


can you please give an example on how i can make a radar chart which can plot list values, using XML inside a web part?


ive tried making one but its not working, im confused with how can i plot values with relevant fields which are linked to relevant AXIS in my chart, ive seen radar chart help but its too basic as i dont want hardcoded values in my chart, the below code works and it makes a radar chart but i dont want the labels to be hard coded, the values plotted by the chart are also not correct, so basically "Title" and "Value" are connected to each other and i want to have a value which points to its title. thanks


script type="text/javascript">

var value=0;

var Title ="";

var found=false;

var x=0;

var i=0;

var myData=new Array();


var strXML = "<chart caption='Demo Chart' bgcolor='FFFFFF' anchoralpha='0' basefontcolor='3E3E3F' bordercolor='6FACD1' captionpadding='20' radarFillColor='FFFFFF'>";


strXML==strXML + "<categories>";

strXML=strXML + "<category label='Security'/>";

strXML=strXML + "<category label='Utilized'/>";

strXML=strXML + "<category label='Reliability'/>";

strXML=strXML + "<category label='Complexity'/>";

strXML=strXML + "<category label='Dependancy'/>";

strXML=strXML + "<category label='Maturity'/>";

strXML=strXML + "<category label='Criticality'/>";

strXML=strXML + "<category label='Compliance'/>";



strXML=strXML + "</categories>";







myData=new Array();








strXML=strXML + "<dataset seriesName='Value' color='68D740' >";


for(x in myData)


strXML=strXML + "<set value="+myData[x][1]/>";

strXML=strXML + "<set value = "+myData[x][0]/>";


strXML=strXML + "</dataset>";

strXML=strXML + "</chart>";


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