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  1. Ie Window Title

    In your first replay you attached 5 external links, I see the links with ellipsis in the middle, so when I click on them the URL also contains ellipsis.
  2. Ie Window Title

    Thanks for the info and sorry for the late response... Giving up IE is not an option as the client demands it. Any way, the only work around I came out with (for now) is to cancel the history support for IE users . Sorry for the newbie question, but why can't I open the links posted?
  3. Ie Window Title

    Hi, I will start by saying that currently I'm evaluating FusionCharts. I'm using FusionCharts with GWT (with GWT history mechanism) and it's working (almost) great, except of one and very annoying thing. After the chart(s) are rendered or clicked it changes the window title. For example: The page URL is "http://<domain>/<params>#1" and The window title is "My Ttitle", after the page is loaded and the chart is rendered the title changes to "MyTitle#1" and if I click on the chart the title changes to "#1". I tested it with IE8,7,6 and I got the same result with all of them. It doesn't occur in other browsers. Any ideas?