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  1. Hello, I'm having some problems with loading a chart using FusionChartsDOM and jquery. Here's what I've got: In index.html, I include the jquery library, FusionCharts.js, and FusionChartsDOM.js then I fire the following: $(document).ready(function() { $("#load-srprojects-graphs").load("charts.html", function() { FusionChartsDOM.RenderAllCharts(); }); }); ... <div id="load-srprojects-graphs"></div> The charts.html just has the <fusioncharts> tags with the data embedded. When I include the .js files on the charts.html and execute it on its own, it works fine. When I view the generated source on index.html, the charts.html code is where it should be, but the graphs aren't drawing. Any help would be appreciated.