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  1. Displaing The Charts

    Thanks for your replay, The problem is with the 's in the caption of xml,after removing the ' in the caption it worked fine. Santosh
  2. Displaing The Charts

    It only displaying Chart text. I have included all the javascripts.
  3. Hi All, I have used the Fusion charts to display the charts. Previous we were using render_chart_html, at that time it was plotting the chart properly, Now we need to plot in the JavaScript so I am using render_chart but now it is displaying only charts label. not the chart. Code <%str_xml = render(:file => '/xml_builder/users.builder', :locals=>{:data=>@dashboard_users}) render_chart '/FusionCharts/Bar2D.swf', '', str_xml, 'users_id', 292, 230, false, true,{:renderer=>"javascript"} do-%> <%end%> Can you Please help me in this issue. Regards Santosh