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  1. Hi All, I have used the Fusion charts to display the charts. Previous we were using render_chart_html, at that time it was plotting the chart properly, Now we need to plot in the JavaScript so I am using render_chart but now it is displaying only charts label. not the chart. Code <%str_xml = render(:file => '/xml_builder/users.builder', :locals=>{:data=>@dashboard_users}) render_chart '/FusionCharts/Bar2D.swf', '', str_xml, 'users_id', 292, 230, false, true,{:renderer=>"javascript"} do-%> <%end%> Can you Please help me in this issue. Regards Santosh
  2. Displaing The Charts

    Thanks for your replay, The problem is with the 's in the caption of xml,after removing the ' in the caption it worked fine. Santosh
  3. Displaing The Charts

    It only displaying Chart text. I have included all the javascripts.