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  1. Have this issue on IE browser. The error is pointing to FusionCharts.js. Have anyone had this same problem before?
  2. I think the reason why I got this error is because I included FusionCharts.js on a page where I shouldn't have. The chart was actually generated by the server, and it's not done on the client side. So I remove the reference from that page and error is gone.
  3. Hi, I have a javascript function which accepts chartID parameter, and calls exportChart(). The code is as follows: function ExportChartToImg(chartid) { var chartObject = getChartFromId(chartid); if (chartObject != null && chartObject.hasRendered()) { chartObject.exportChart(); } } It works perfectly for page that only contains 1 chart object. But, what if I have multiple chart objects on a web page? Can I still re-use the above logic and export chart like this? (Assume multiple chartid is represented in this format: chart1|chart2|chart3|...) function ExportChartToImg(chartid) { var arr = new Array(); arr = chartDomID.split("|"); for(var i=0; i< arr.length; i++){ chartid = arr[i]; var chartObject = getChartFromId(chartid); alert(chartObject + " - " + i); if (chartObject != null && chartObject.hasRendered()) { chartObject.exportChart(); } } } I was expecting to get chart exported multiple times (because of the for loop), but as a matter of fact, I was only able to have first one exported, hence the chart object (chart2) couldn't exported successfully. So what should I do to be able to export multiple charts with JS? Can anyone help me, please? Thanks.
  4. Export Multiple Charts With Js

    What if I have multiple charts that need to be exported automatically to the server? Can I call addEventListener multiple times in Javascript? I will give it try first. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. Export Multiple Charts With Js

    Thanks very much for the reply and attached sample code. From the sample code, I noticed that we had to click the Save button so that we could save individual chart image. I am just wondering if there is any way that we can automate this "saving image" process. I mean, it'd be really nice if individual chart image can be saved directly onto the server disk. So can we possibly achieve this? Thanks
  6. Hi I am just wondering, what would be the best way to implement the server-side exporting for multiple charts? For example, I have a page with 3 charts on it and I want them all to be exported to the server and saved as images which I can reference later on. Can anyone give me some pointers please? Thanks
  7. I was going to export chart to image and save it on the server. But it just didn't work. I believe there must be an error / a problem with the following js function: var chartObject = FusionCharts("myChartId"); chartObject.exportChart(); // <= it fails badly This then causes the problem on the Export Handler, which will produce the following server error: DOMId= height=0 width=0 fileName= statusMessage=Insufficient data. statusCode=0 As far as I understand, it is saying that the chart stream data has not been posted to the server (i.e. Request["stream"] is NULL ), which is why the export handler doesn't recognise the chart and save it to image. This issue has been bugging me for many hours, and I have tried looking for solutions on the forum but all in vain. So please kindly advise a proper solution to this issue. Thanks. EDIT: By the way, I have also tried both .NET chart export handlers with correct configurations, but no luck getting chart exported.
  8. Exportchart() Function Doesn't Work At All!

    Thanks for all the replies. I finally managed to solve the problem by re-installing the .net framework. The exportChart() is definitely issue-free. I can export the images now. Thanks very much, guys.
  9. Exportchart() Function Doesn't Work At All!

    Just wonder if there's any update regarding my previous post? Has anyone been able to reproduce the errors that I had?
  10. Exportchart() Function Doesn't Work At All!

    Hi Thanks for test code. But I think I am still having the issue. Issue: Parser Error Description: An error occurred during the parsing of a resource required to service this request. Please review the following specific parse error details and modify your source file appropriately. Parser Error Message: Could not load type 'FCExporter'. Source Error: Line 1: <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="FCExporter.aspx.cs" Inherits="FCExporter" %> If I switch back to ASP.NET11 export handler, I will get the same error msg as the one in my first post. Also I have deliberately create a test folder under my root website directory and put the following files inside. FCExporter.aspx, FCExporter.aspx.cs, FusionCharts.js, FusionChartsExportComponent.js, testFC.asp (my test file) , Data.xml, Column3D.swf BTW, how can I attach files here. I have got my version of test code ready.
  11. Exportchart() Function Doesn't Work At All!

    Can you please attach fusioncharts.js file directly in here? My fusionCharts.js version is fusioncharts/3.2.3-release.4749. Not sure if it's the latest version or not. Also I re-downloaded the latest version, but still that didn't solve my problem. I got the same error messages returned from export handler: DOMId= height=0 width=0 fileName= statusMessage=Insufficient data.statusCode=0 I don't understand what else I am missing here.
  12. Exportchart() Function Doesn't Work At All!

    I basically used the same piece of code as the one we saw in the FusionCharts Doc. <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" > <head> <title>Untitled Page</title> <script type="text/javascript" src="Charts/FusionCharts.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> function ExportMyChart() { //var chartObject = getChartFromId('myChartId'); var chartObject = FusionCharts("myChartId"); //alert(chartObject.getXMLData()); //test to see if chartObject created or not if (chartObject.hasRendered()) chartObject.exportChart(); } </script> </head> <body> <div id="chartContainer">FusionCharts will load here!</div> <script type="text/javascript"> var myChart = new FusionCharts("Charts/Column3D.swf", "myChartId", "400", "300", "0", "1"); myChart.setXMLUrl("Charts/Data.xml"); myChart.render("chartContainer"); </script> <script type="text/javascript"> //Callback handler method which is invoked after the chart has saved image on server. function FC_Exported(objRtn) { if (objRtn.statusCode == "1") { alert("The chart was successfully saved on server. The file can be accessed from " + objRtn.fileName); } else { alert("The chart could not be saved on server. There was an error. Description : " + objRtn.statusMessage); } } </script> <input type="button" onclick="ExportMyChart()" value="Export Chart to Image" id="btnExportChart" /> </body> </html> And XML code for chart attributes <chart exportHandler="http://mywebsite/Charts/ExportHandlers/ASP_Net11/FCExporter.aspx" exportEnabled="1" exportAtClient="0" exportAction="save" caption="Sales Summary" subCaption="For the year 2010" numberPrefix="$" sformatNumberScale="1" sNumberPrefix="$" syncAxisLimits="1" rotateValues="1" showSum="0"> But somehow it just doesn't export properly. I wonder, would there be any restrictions to call exportChart() JS function? Why it doesn't send stream to .NET export handler?
  13. Exportchart() Function Doesn't Work At All!

    Is it just me or nobody really is having this issue? Can anybody suggest a solution please?
  14. Vline Label Problems

    Hey everyone, I have a little problem with the vLine object. I was working on multi-series line chart and I could see the vertical line cross over it, but whenever I wanted it to display labels, it always failed. I have even tried toolTip, text, toolText attributes, still no luck. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  15. Vline Label Problems

    So how should I upgrade it to latest version? Do I have to download the whole package again? what about the license then?
  16. Vline Label Problems

    Err... my current version is 3.0.7. That doesn't seem good
  17. Vline Label Problems

    Oh and here is the complete version of my XML data file for plotting the chart. I'd appreciate it if you can run through this one again for me to see if it's okay. Many thanks. full.xml
  18. Vline Label Problems

    I set the debug mode true in the following line Call renderChartHTML("charts/Charts/MSLine.swf", "", chXmlSGC, "2lines", "100%", "200", true) Oops, here was the error the debugger told me: ERROR: Invalid number specified in XML. FusionCharts can accept number in pure numerical form only. If your number formatting (thousand and decimal separator) is different, please specify so in XML. Also, do not add any currency symbols or other signs to the numbers. Is this stopping vLine working properly?
  19. Vline Label Problems

    yeah I have tried to add labelPosition='1' and change labelValign='bottom', but again it didn't work.
  20. Vline Label Problems

    yeah sure. the xml file has been attached. pls have a look. thanks. csgc_3014311059.xml
  21. Vline Label Problems

    Thanks for the reply. But I am afraid it didn't help too much because that's exactly what I did to my chart. "<vLine color='FF5904' label='Start' labelHAlign='left' labelVAlign='top' thickness='3' showLabelBorder='1' />" I don't think there're typos in the above line of code, and all attributes were used according to the chart xml api. So now I am kinda clueless. Perhaps it could be a bug or sth??
  22. Hi, I seem to have a problem with setTransparentChart() function. It gave me the following error - "Type mismatch: 'setTransparentChart'" whenever I call it in my asp page. So does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem? I'd appreciate any help
  23. Error When Calling Settransparentchart(True)

    Ha, sorry about double posting but I managed to solve the problem now, and it was simple. Just add wmode="transparent" in the <embd> tag and it will set background to transparent.