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  1. Using more HTML in tooltips

    We've used the tags to separate text in a tooltip after reading about it in the documentation. We'd like to display a much richer tooltip that includes images, links and text with css styling and layout if possible. After trying to inject more html in I'm not sure if it's a limitation in fusioncharts or because I'm not escaping it properly. Has anyone had any luck doing this? Are there any examples to view?
  2. We've loved using fusion charts and wanted to share some of our implementations. We've mainly used Gantt charts and scatter charts. Please let us know what you think. * Gantt chart used as calender for cruise searches - * Gantt chart used as calendar to display cruises through each port - Sydney, Australia * XY scatter chart used to compare cruise ships - shiplist The xml files are built on the fly by an asp script. We've got an ajax version of these working but not live yet, will share it here when it's up. Thanks for taking a look.
  3. Tracking click events with Google Analytics

    Thanks for this suggestion. An example task currently has a value of link='/search.asp?dep_date=1/09/2008&region=1'. How do I combine this with the tracking link, eg link='JavaScript:GATracker('YOURGAID')'? Or can I add two links for the one task?
  4. I'm trying to track click events on a calendar built using fusion charts, found at I don't understand flash too well which is why I can't figure out how to track click events using Google Analytics. Google's help page on the matter can be found here: I think it requires editing the flash file itself but I'm not sure. Has anyone found a solution for this?
  5. Plotting trendlines on XY scatter chart

    Can you show me an example please? Isn't a different startValue and endValue required for both x and y axis?
  6. Using an XY scatter plot chart, I can only see ways to draw either a horizontal or vertical trendline. Is it possible to draw a trendline on an angle?
  7. Gantt chart start month

    We've built a gantt chart that contains 12 months and we're only displaying 3 months at a time and scrolling the rest. However the default behaviour is to start at the first month. We want to start displaying from month 5, is this possible?