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  1. Fusion Charts V3

    Dear Team, We have Enterprise Fusion Charts V3 , which is quite old now, does it support charts to render in only javascript ?? instead of Flash ?? Do you have some plugin that can support this ? Please assist on urgent basis
  2. Hi we have Enterprise Fusion Charts V3 , which is quite old now, does it support charts to render in only javascript ?? instead of Flash ??

  3. Want to reduce speed of rising bar graph while rendering.
  4. Hi, I am using india fusion map for showing some distribution, i need to remove the RA, MA, MP, UT, (State tags), so that my markers will be hovered on mouse over. please assist on this attached is the PNG
  5. Removing out label from map

    Hey Thanks Haritha, it worked
  6. Usage Of Fusion Charts

    Hi , I am evaluating fusion charts new release Build for XT , for a month now. I would like to know how much time can i use this trial version - is there any limit or gets expire and stop rendering charts ? I am eager to present these charts to my seniors - next month. But i am afraid if they would expire within that time and stop rendering that time. Please assist on this basis - urgently
  7. Hi, I was looking for a ready made database for the coordinates for the fusion map india chart, so that we can dump the x y coordinates in the database for the later retrieval, I saw the feature by clicking the map and getting the coordinates for particular state or region in charts. It would be great if there is a general coordinate database already provided. Is it available on website download ?
  8. Export Charts

    Problem with exporting the chart at client side in IE8, IE9 please provide the solution .
  9. Export Charts

    hi sumedh, We have resolved the same.
  10. Problem with exporting the chart at client side in IE8, IE9

    please provide the solution .

  11. Hello, I need to prompt the user to download if he doesn't have flash plugin on his browser - Is there any script provided by fusion ? or programmer will have to code on his own ? does adobe provides the code snippet ?? please assist on urgent basis.. Regards, Atul
  12. Great Weekend.. Back to Work..

  13. Plug In Crashed

    hi is there any way - or a code snippet that alerts user to download the adobe flash plugin if it is not installed in the browser ?? please suggest on urgent basis.
  14. Trying with new Fusion XT

  15. I need to display both the absolute value and the percentage value on mouse-over in a column chart. How do I achieve this?
  16. Hi, I have rendered a chart in div on page. Upto here it works fine. on the same page there is a hidden div; which gets triggered on zoom event it shows the div and copies the innerhtml from the provided div where the previous chart is already rendered. This works in Firefox, but IE just loads the swf file, but doesnt animate. ( I manually right click and click Play) which renders the chart later. Is there any way to solve this? Regards, Atul.
  17. Hello Fusion, I am having a query , i have a page on which there are Fusion 6-8 Graphs Loading, when i load the page it shows the page has been loaded completely (Here i can view a half page in the browser with two charts visible). The problem i face is when i scroll down for the view of other charts below, the fusion charts start's to load slowly, initiating a Label below ( Transferring Data i.e the IP of the server is shown), and the rotation of the pie chart, the mouse over effects of the fusion are not available. Is there any way that i can load all the charts at once so this issue solved ? Please assist , on urgent basis. - Atul Darne
  18. Hi Fusion, i have gone through the link, Link Demo of Fusion charts gallery, iam working on exporting Fusion Charts [server side] and that allows the pop-up at client for the saving of downloaded chart [ watch out the fusion demo link] that shows the exporting of fusion charts. I am too trying the same , using tomcat server as my application server. i have a query about what should i include as the exportHandler in my chart XML , the demo link shows the following link added in the chat XML. [ exportHandler="" ] I am hosting the charts through a JSP page what exportHandler should i use / include in my CHART XML please assist on Urgent Basis !
  19. Exporthandler In My Chart Xml For Chart Export

    This is resolved i have found the folder in the downloads of fusion chart it contains the J2EE folder which has the export files.
  20. Fusioncharts.js

    I have a query , FusionCharts.js is provided both in power charts and the general charts under enterprise edition, is it compulsory for the specific group of charts need their respective JS files ? or can i use any available JS file. Please Assist.