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  1. Gantt Chart Date Wrongly Displayed

    hi, we have priorty customer support. can you please reply me as soon as possible thanks.
  2. i am trying to display the chart but it is not displaying the tasks bar correctly... here is my sample xml var dataString ='<chart manageResize="1" dateFormat="dd/mm/yyyy" ganttWidthPercent="70" gridBorderAlpha="0" showTaskNames="1" paletteThemeColor="453269">\n\ <categories>\n\ <category start="01/01/2012" end="31/12/2012" label="Months" isBold="1" align="center"/>\n\ </categories>\n\ <categories>\n\ <category start="01/01/2012" end="31/01/2012" label="JAN 2012"/>\n\ <category start="01/02/2012" end="29/02/2012" label="FEB 2012"/>\n\ <category start="01/03/2012" end="31/03/2012" label="MAR 2012"/>\n\ <category start="01/04/2012" end="30/04/2012" label="APR 2012"/>\n\ <category start="01/05/2012" end="31/05/2012" label="MAY 2012"/>\n\ <category start="01/06/2012" end="30/06/2012" label="JUN 2012"/>\n\ <category start="01/07/2012" end="31/07/2012" label="JUL 2012"/>\n\ <category start="01/08/2012" end="31/08/2012" label="AUG 2012"/>\n\ <category start="01/09/2012" end="30/09/2012" label="SEP 2012"/>\n\ <category start="01/10/2012" end="31/10/2012" label="OCT 2012"/>\n\ <category start="01/11/2012" end="30/11/2012" label="NOV 2012"/>\n\ </categories>\n\ <processes align="left" headerFontSize="16" isBold="1" headerText="Projects" headerAlign="left">\n\ <process Name="Project 1" id="815"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 2" id="818"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 3" id="929"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 4" id="935"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 5" id="985"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 6" id="1010"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 7" id="1011"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 8" id="1048"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 9" id="1073"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 10" id="1100"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 11" id="1110"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 12" id="1113"/>\n\ </processes>\n\ <tasks>\n\ <task processId="815" start="5/02/2012" end="20/05/2012" Id="1" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="90"/>\n\ <task processId="818" start="29/01/2012" end="16/09/2012" Id="2" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="35"/>\n\ <task processId="929" start="12/01/2012" end="30/09/2012" Id="3" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="65"/>\n\ <task processId="935" start="19/02/2012" end="29/07/2012" Id="4" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="98"/>\n\ <task processId="985" start="5/02/2012" end="15/08/2012" Id="5" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="57"/>\n\ <task processId="1010" start="8/04/2012" end="1/11/2012" Id="6" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="33"/>\n\ <task processId="1011" start="8/04/2012" end="4/10/2012" Id="7" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="30"/>\n\ <task processId="1048" start="14/05/2012" end="16/08/2012" Id="8" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="90"/>\n\ <task processId="1073" start="23/05/2012" end="30/08/2012" Id="9" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="50"/>\n\ <task processId="1100" start="2/05/2012" end="27/09/2012" Id="10" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="39"/>\n\ <task processId="1110" start="6/10/2011" end="25/10/2012" Id="11" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="60"/>\n\ <task processId="1113" start="10/05/2012" end="27/09/2012" Id="12" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="37"/>\n\ </tasks>\n\ </chart>' i have also attached the screen shot for the reference. please let me know what is wrong with the data or i am missing some thing
  3. Dynamic Filter

    Hi, Is there any way to implement dynamic webpart filter with collabion chart? ie: filter the graph content based on custom filter .
  4. Hi, I am very interested about collabion chart please help me to do multilevel drill down eg:- Year--> Month-->Date Is multilevel drill down option is available ?