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  1. i am trying to display the chart but it is not displaying the tasks bar correctly... here is my sample xml var dataString ='<chart manageResize="1" dateFormat="dd/mm/yyyy" ganttWidthPercent="70" gridBorderAlpha="0" showTaskNames="1" paletteThemeColor="453269">\n\ <categories>\n\ <category start="01/01/2012" end="31/12/2012" label="Months" isBold="1" align="center"/>\n\ </categories>\n\ <categories>\n\ <category start="01/01/2012" end="31/01/2012" label="JAN 2012"/>\n\ <category start="01/02/2012" end="29/02/2012" label="FEB 2012"/>\n\ <category start="01/03/2012" end="31/03/2012" label="MAR 2012"/>\n\ <category start="01/04/2012" end="30/04/2012" label="APR 2012"/>\n\ <category start="01/05/2012" end="31/05/2012" label="MAY 2012"/>\n\ <category start="01/06/2012" end="30/06/2012" label="JUN 2012"/>\n\ <category start="01/07/2012" end="31/07/2012" label="JUL 2012"/>\n\ <category start="01/08/2012" end="31/08/2012" label="AUG 2012"/>\n\ <category start="01/09/2012" end="30/09/2012" label="SEP 2012"/>\n\ <category start="01/10/2012" end="31/10/2012" label="OCT 2012"/>\n\ <category start="01/11/2012" end="30/11/2012" label="NOV 2012"/>\n\ </categories>\n\ <processes align="left" headerFontSize="16" isBold="1" headerText="Projects" headerAlign="left">\n\ <process Name="Project 1" id="815"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 2" id="818"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 3" id="929"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 4" id="935"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 5" id="985"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 6" id="1010"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 7" id="1011"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 8" id="1048"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 9" id="1073"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 10" id="1100"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 11" id="1110"/>\n\ <process Name="Project 12" id="1113"/>\n\ </processes>\n\ <tasks>\n\ <task processId="815" start="5/02/2012" end="20/05/2012" Id="1" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="90"/>\n\ <task processId="818" start="29/01/2012" end="16/09/2012" Id="2" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="35"/>\n\ <task processId="929" start="12/01/2012" end="30/09/2012" Id="3" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="65"/>\n\ <task processId="935" start="19/02/2012" end="29/07/2012" Id="4" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="98"/>\n\ <task processId="985" start="5/02/2012" end="15/08/2012" Id="5" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="57"/>\n\ <task processId="1010" start="8/04/2012" end="1/11/2012" Id="6" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="33"/>\n\ <task processId="1011" start="8/04/2012" end="4/10/2012" Id="7" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="30"/>\n\ <task processId="1048" start="14/05/2012" end="16/08/2012" Id="8" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="90"/>\n\ <task processId="1073" start="23/05/2012" end="30/08/2012" Id="9" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="50"/>\n\ <task processId="1100" start="2/05/2012" end="27/09/2012" Id="10" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="39"/>\n\ <task processId="1110" start="6/10/2011" end="25/10/2012" Id="11" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="60"/>\n\ <task processId="1113" start="10/05/2012" end="27/09/2012" Id="12" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="37"/>\n\ </tasks>\n\ </chart>' i have also attached the screen shot for the reference. please let me know what is wrong with the data or i am missing some thing
  2. Gantt Chart Date Wrongly Displayed

    hi, we have priorty customer support. can you please reply me as soon as possible thanks.
  3. Dynamic Filter

    Hi, Is there any way to implement dynamic webpart filter with collabion chart? ie: filter the graph content based on custom filter .
  4. Hi, I am very interested about collabion chart please help me to do multilevel drill down eg:- Year--> Month-->Date Is multilevel drill down option is available ?