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  1. Second Chart Overlays Tool Tip

    No. Actually that does not help at all. You just confirmed what I already figured out. Is there an alternative setup that I can use to space the charts appropriately and still see the entire tool tip? When I initially tried building the charts without the div they appeared one on top of the other. How can I display the charts appropriately without screwing up the tool tips?
  2. Second Chart Overlays Tool Tip

    I have been a bit overwhelmed with deadlines to provide feedback. I discovered that the problem is not adjacent charts. The problem is caused by enclosing DIVs. I use DIV to space out the charts. The tooltip popup will not extend past the end of the DIV. So you are saying that the flash module cannot display anything outside of the DIV? That seems to be fairly odd behavior. And even if I were able to change the html to space the charts properly without DIVs the popup would not go over top of the next chart down. If that's true that really makes it difficult to accomplish what I need to with this tool.
  3. Second Chart Overlays Tool Tip

    I know it's been a while since I posted this but it's been murder around my office lately with demanding deadlines. I have an update on this issue. It should be a lot easier to reproduce. I have various charts on my website that I load the pop-ups with a list of summary data. Some of those lists are quite long. I use the html div tag to control the spacing of the charts in columns. This is the only way I could make it fit properly. Whether there is one chart or several charts in the column the pop-up is limited to the size of the div. It will cut off at the bottom of the div. It's more like the div is an IFrame. I need the pop-up to display over top of whatever is being displayed on the page regardless off placement or structure. I have another question regarding the pop-ups. They are showing various categories with a summary count. I would like the column of category names to be left justified and the list of counts or dollar amounts to be a right justified list. I can't figure out how to do this. Are there any mark-up tags that I could use to make this happen? I tried using a String.format() command to align it the way I want but it is obviously not using a mono-spaced font. I'd rather not control it that way because those fonts generally look awful. I'll look into that. But the issue above is a real problem that I need to address.
  4. I have two charts in a column. The first one is a US Map, the second one is a bar chart. There is quite a bit of information on the tool tip that shows for the state on the top map. When I cursor over a state the tool tip will pop up but the bottom is behind the bar chart. How do I make sure the tool tip will show in front of the second chart? I have tried setting the z-index of the enclosing div but it didn't help. Both charts use setTransparent(true).
  5. Fusioncharts And Multi-Axis Line Charts

    I do not have PowerCharts. I am upgrading to FusionCharts XT today. Is it in there? "considered as an extension of ...." does this mean PowerCharts comes with FusionCharts or do we have to pay more for the PowerCharts license?
  6. I have FusionCharts 3.2.1 and need to produce a multi-axis line chart with 2 axis and 4 lines. For now I am just trying to make it work with 2 lines with 2 different scales. The other 2 lines will use one of the two scales. First of all a comment/feedback regarding the documentation. I seem to really struggle with it. When I go to the description of how to produce a chart I find really great documentation on how to generate the XML but I can never find exactly which swf file is to be used for that. I end up in a long protracted search to confirm which module should be used. It is EXTREMELY frustrating. I would suggest somewhere on the pages describing how the xml is generated to include a line as to which swf module should be used. My application is a J2EE application but I use javascript and the SWF files to generate the charts calling back to a J2EE action using the setXMLUrl option to generate the data for the charts. I first generated a chart with a single axis and 2 lines. I used MSLine.swf and got a successful chart. But the ranges were so different one of the lines was right at zero at the chosen scale. So the obvious solution is to have 2 different scales, one for each line. Thus the need for a multi-axis chart. Since I don't see an alternate suggested SWF module I am still using the MSLine.swf module and changed the action class to generate xml for a multi-axis chart. Now I am getting the message "No Data To Display". I put it in debug mode and it is receiving the xml. But I can't tell there is anything wrong with it as far as following the syntax of the multi-axis documentation I found on the FusionCharts website. Here is the output from the debug: Info: Chart loaded and initialized. Initial Width: 750 Initial Height: 400 Scale Mode: noScale Debug Mode: Yes Application Message Language: EN Version: 3.2.1 Chart Type: Multi Series 2D Line Chart Chart Objects: BACKGROUND CANVAS CAPTION SUBCAPTION YAXISNAME XAXISNAME DIVLINES VDIVLINES YAXISVALUES HGRID VGRID DATALABELS DATAVALUES TRENDLINES TRENDVALUES DATAPLOT ANCHORS TOOLTIP VLINES LEGEND VLINELABELS INFO: Chart registered with external script. DOM Id of chart is wcpcChartId026 INFO: XML Data provided using dataURL method. dataURL provided: aggrCompareTotalsProjChartData.action dataURL invoked: aggrCompareTotalsProjChartData.action?FCTime=58 INFO: setDataXML method invoked from external script. INFO: XML Data provided using dataXML method. XML Data: <chart showBorder="0" animation="1" showValues="0" labelDisplay="auto" drawAnchors="0"> <categories> <category label="2015-07-20" /> <category label="2015-07-27" /> <category label="2015-08-03" /> <category label="2015-08-10" /> <category label="2015-08-17" /> <category label="2015-08-24" /> <category label="2015-08-31" /> <category label="2015-09-07" /> <category label="2015-09-14" /> <category label="2015-09-21" /> <category label="2015-09-28" /> <category label="2015-10-05" /> <category label="2015-10-12" /> <category label="2015-10-19" /> <category label="2015-10-26" /> <category label="2015-11-02" /> <category label="2015-11-09" /> <category label="2015-11-16" /> <category label="2015-11-23" /> <category label="2015-11-30" /> <category label="2015-12-07" /> <category label="2015-12-14" /> <category label="2015-12-21" /> <category label="2015-12-28" /> <category label="2016-01-04" /> <category label="2016-01-11" /> <category label="2016-01-18" /> <category label="2016-01-25" /> <category label="2016-02-01" /> <category label="2016-02-08" /> <category label="2016-02-15" /> <category label="2016-02-22" /> <category label="2016-02-29" /> <category label="2016-03-07" /> <category label="2016-03-14" /> <category label="2016-03-21" /> <category label="2016-03-28" /> <category label="2016-04-04" /> <category label="2016-04-11" /> <category label="2016-04-18" /> <category label="2016-04-25" /> <category label="2016-05-02" /> <category label="2016-05-09" /> <category label="2016-05-16" /> <category label="2016-05-23" /> <category label="2016-05-30" /> <category label="2016-06-06" /> <category label="2016-06-13" /> <category label="2016-06-20" /> <category label="2016-06-27" /> <category label="2016-07-04" /> <category label="2016-07-11" /> <category label="2016-07-18" /> <category label="2016-07-25" /> <category label="2016-08-01" /> <category label="2016-08-08" /> <category label="2016-08-15" /> <category label="2016-08-22" /> <category label="2016-08-29" /> <category label="2016-09-05" /> <category label="2016-09-12" /> <category label="2016-09-19" /> <category label="2016-09-26" /> <category label="2016-10-03" /> <category label="2016-10-10" /> <category label="2016-10-17" /> <category label="2016-10-24" /> <category label="2016-10-31" /> <category label="2016-11-07" /> <category label="2016-11-14" /> <category label="2016-11-21" /> <category label="2016-11-28" /> <category label="2016-12-05" /> <category label="2016-12-12" /> <category label="2016-12-19" /> <category label="2016-12-26" /> <category label="2017-01-02" /> <category label="2017-01-09" /> <category label="2017-01-16" /> <category label="2017-01-23" /> <category label="2017-01-30" /> <category label="2017-02-06" /> <category label="2017-02-13" /> <category label="2017-02-20" /> </categories> <axis title="Headcount" titlePos="left"> <dataset seriesName="Skilled Labor Demand - My Project"> <set value="177" /> <set value="177" /> <set value="173" /> <set value="181" /> <set value="184" /> <set value="185" /> <set value="187" /> <set value="194" /> <set value="196" /> <set value="200" /> <set value="202" /> <set value="210" /> <set value="214" /> <set value="216" /> <set value="220" /> <set value="222" /> <set value="225" /> <set value="229" /> <set value="232" /> <set value="233" /> <set value="234" /> <set value="242" /> <set value="242" /> <set value="240" /> <set value="239" /> <set value="241" /> <set value="246" /> <set value="246" /> <set value="243" /> <set value="241" /> <set value="241" /> <set value="241" /> <set value="239" /> <set value="235" /> <set value="235" /> <set value="241" /> <set value="239" /> <set value="236" /> <set value="238" /> <set value="239" /> <set value="244" /> <set value="253" /> <set value="275" /> <set value="286" /> <set value="277" /> <set value="257" /> <set value="248" /> <set value="247" /> <set value="248" /> <set value="246" /> <set value="251" /> <set value="255" /> <set value="253" /> <set value="251" /> <set value="257" /> <set value="261" /> <set value="261" /> <set value="265" /> <set value="267" /> <set value="272" /> <set value="272" /> <set value="267" /> <set value="269" /> <set value="270" /> <set value="270" /> <set value="270" /> <set value="264" /> <set value="263" /> <set value="260" /> <set value="255" /> <set value="251" /> <set value="244" /> <set value="240" /> <set value="232" /> <set value="226" /> <set value="220" /> <set value="210" /> <set value="202" /> <set value="192" /> <set value="186" /> <set value="175" /> <set value="167" /> <set value="162" /> <set value="159" /> </dataset> </axis> <axis title="Aggregate Headcount" titlePos="right" axisOnLeft="0"> <dataset seriesName="Skilled Labor Demand - Aggregate"> <set value="23605" /> <set value="22749" /> <set value="23097" /> <set value="24181" /> <set value="22916" /> <set value="23056" /> <set value="23190" /> <set value="24424" /> <set value="23161" /> <set value="23296" /> <set value="23395" /> <set value="23763" /> <set value="25022" /> <set value="23699" /> <set value="23733" /> <set value="24146" /> <set value="25437" /> <set value="24227" /> <set value="24689" /> <set value="24985" /> <set value="25263" /> <set value="26370" /> <set value="24853" /> <set value="24741" /> <set value="26838" /> <set value="27093" /> <set value="27418" /> <set value="27591" /> <set value="28907" /> <set value="27319" /> <set value="27322" /> <set value="27681" /> <set value="28755" /> <set value="27452" /> <set value="27547" /> <set value="27847" /> <set value="28944" /> <set value="26659" /> <set value="26825" /> <set value="27169" /> <set value="28490" /> <set value="27192" /> <set value="27441" /> <set value="27678" /> <set value="28202" /> <set value="29504" /> <set value="28125" /> <set value="28153" /> <set value="28665" /> <set value="29877" /> <set value="28139" /> <set value="28460" /> <set value="28669" /> <set value="28879" /> <set value="30165" /> <set value="28172" /> <set value="28196" /> <set value="28728" /> <set value="29829" /> <set value="28121" /> <set value="28151" /> <set value="28396" /> <set value="29579" /> <set value="27783" /> <set value="28121" /> <set value="28525" /> <set value="28906" /> <set value="30217" /> <set value="28568" /> <set value="28551" /> <set value="29026" /> <set value="30085" /> <set value="28314" /> <set value="28379" /> <set value="28676" /> <set value="28973" /> <set value="27150" /> <set value="27285" /> <set value="27191" /> <set value="27341" /> <set value="27265" /> <set value="24962" /> <set value="24733" /> <set value="24976" /> </dataset> </axis> </chart> No Data to Display: No data was found in the XML data document provided. Possible cases can be: There isn't any data generated by your system. If your system generates data based on parameters passed to it using dataURL, please make sure dataURL is URL Encoded. You might be using a Single Series Chart .swf file instead of Multi-series .swf file and providing multi-series data or vice-versa. What do I need to do to make this work?
  7. Server-side only PDF/image export

    The export process is an interesting, but clewdgy, option for what I need to do, since the user is sitting there with the charts already rendered. However, on the webpage I am using scroll charts,which would not be practical for use in a PDF. So it appears the potential solution would be to generate the chart(s) that would be used ONLY for the PDF in a hidden division. Then when the user clicks on the PDF button it would have to be an AJAX submit. In the AJAX code it would have to call the export functions for each chart involved and send them to the server before allowing the submit to be processed. My preference would be to send them directly to the servlet that will be generating the PDF instead of adding them to the file system. The question is, is this possible? Or is the use of the ExportHandler servlet mandatory to make this work?
  8. Server-side only PDF/image export

    I thought I would try to clarify what I think I am reading here. You can ONLY use FusionMaps at the browser and NOT at the server. Except for a custom built tool that allows some functionality at the server but only for .NET applications. Is this basically true? I have a website using FusionCharts and FusionMaps. A user has the ability to select from a number of options and build a customized report that includes charts and text. If they do a print page it does print the charts (I discovered print manager) but it is nearly impossible to end up with anything on the hard copy that resembles what is displayed on the page. Therefore, in past applications I have created a second module that generates a very similar report in the form of a PDF that the user can then download, print, save, etc, etc. The PDF is generated exclusively at the server and then downloaded by the user. In order to include a chart I MUST be able to generate an image of that chart and physically add it to the PDF file as it is being generated. My application is a J2EE application. I would need to be able to generate the chart images and capture the image in the java where the PDF is generated. If this is not available in FusionCharts I guess I'll have to get back in search mode and find a different provider.
  9. Positioning Problems

    Sorry again for the huge delay. I am working 2 projects simultaneously and have had no time to put into resolving this. However, the new website is now in production even with the map problem. I am starting to get a lot of complaints from the owner about this issue. This is a complex website with all the charts and other outputs generated dynamically. It would be very difficult to generate some sort of sample of this. It would certainly take more time than I have on my plate. Also, unfortunately, this part of the actual website is only available to the association members. Below is a screen print of the page on our test server. You can see where I have two regular charts that are bounded by the borders. The map on the lower right has the same html/css code surrounding it but it appears to cancel out the border. It does not matter how big I make the box that is supposed to surround the map. It will not display. And as you can see it overlaps the footer at the bottom. The entire body of the page is enclosed in a div. It should push the footer down. If anything else on the body is longer than the map it will push the footer down. It is like the flash module is totally separate from the rest of the page, causing the browser to exclude it from the positioning. Also, I really wanted the map above the pie chart on the right. If I move the div containing the map to preceed the chart I get the result below. I have tried every thing to add space between the divs so it will work properly. So far I have been unable to get it working at all.
  10. Positioning Problems

    Hi, I appologize for taking so long to respond. The pressures of this development have kept me on other things. Now that other functionality is nearing completion I am receiving growing pressure to fix this issue. The map is to be the focal point of the dashboard yet I can't put it where I need to and it won't let me format it the way I need to. I made the change as you suggested. There was no change. The chart that should be under the map on the page overlays the map instead. I have been tempted to forget about the enclosing box around the map but it is part of the theme of the dashboard. I am still unable to put the map object inside a box on the page and put the box where I want. Will the map flash object not cooperate with CSS? Do I need to put something around the flash object that will keep it from overriding my CSS?
  11. It is difficult to come up with a concise description of the problems I am having with maps. First, I have a page that has both FustionCharts objects as well as a FusionMap object. This is a dashboard and is formatted so that each section of content is enclosed with a box. I started out having problems getting the boxes formatted around both the charts and the maps. For the charts the top and sides of the box would display (if I made the div wide enough) but not the bottom. I finally discovered that if I put: <br /> <br /> under each chart the bottom of the box will display. This is not a perfect solution as it leaves more space below the chart than I want. But at least it works. However, with maps it matters not how wide or how long I make the divisions that generate the boxes FusionMap will not allow the box to be drawn on the sides or the bottom. In addition where ever I put the map any positioning I have attempted to control goes out the window. I started out using css floats and relative positioning and that turned out to be a total disaster. So I reverted back to the traditional solution of breaking the page up with a table and positioning content in that fashion. Everything works great except when I try to put the map where my owner wants it. I am using tiles which allows me to break up the jsps and modularize the code. I really like that. Here is the jsp code representing my first attempt at controlling the map using html tables: <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="10" border="0"> <tr valign="top"> <td> <jsp:directive.include file="/pages/common/intro.jsp"/> <jsp:directive.include file="/charts/barChart_IndustryTypeSummary.jsp"/> </td> <td> <jsp:directive.include file="/pages/common/whyLMA.jsp"/> </td> <td> <jsp:directive.include file="/charts/pieChart_ProjectTypeSummary.jsp"/> <jsp:directive.include file="/charts/mapUSTotalProjectValue.jsp"/> </td> </tr> </table> The module that produces the map is "/charts/mapUSTotalProjectValue.jsp". In this layout everything went where it was supposed to except that there is no box around the map. My owner was ok with that for now just to get to the first major milestone of the project. Then he asked that the map go above the "/charts/pieChart_ProjectTypeSummary.jsp". So I moved it above that as in the following: <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="10" border="0"> <tr valign="top"> <td> <jsp:directive.include file="/pages/common/intro.jsp"/> <jsp:directive.include file="/charts/barChart_IndustryTypeSummary.jsp"/> </td> <td> <jsp:directive.include file="/pages/common/whyLMA.jsp"/> </td> <td> <jsp:directive.include file="/charts/mapUSTotalProjectValue.jsp"/> <jsp:directive.include file="/charts/pieChart_ProjectTypeSummary.jsp"/> </td> </tr> </table> So now the US map is above the chart. However, the chart overlays the map. So I added a table within a table to more separate the two maps in the right column as in the following code: <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="10" border="0"> <tr valign="top"> <td> <jsp:directive.include file="/pages/common/intro.jsp"/> <jsp:directive.include file="/charts/barChart_IndustryTypeSummary.jsp"/> </td> <td> <jsp:directive.include file="/pages/common/whyLMA.jsp"/> </td> <td> <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="10" border="0"> <tr> <td> <jsp:directive.include file="/charts/mapUSTotalProjectValue.jsp"/> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <jsp:directive.include file="/charts/pieChart_ProjectTypeSummary.jsp"/> </td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table> There was no change. The bottom chart still overlays the map. The table formatting had no effect at all. Here is the content of /charts//pieChart_ProjectTypeSummary.jsp <div id="smBlue" style="width:425px;" > <div class="box"> <div class="mr"> <div class="ml"> <div class="tr"> <div class="tl"> <h2>Values by Project Type</h2><br /><hr> </div><!-- /#tl --> </div><!-- /#tr --> <div class="br"> <div class="bl"> <div > <div id=cwdcChartCntnr005>Generating chart</div><br /> </div> </div><!-- /#bl --> </div><!-- /#br --> </div><!-- /#ml --> </div><!-- /#mr --> </div><!-- /#box --> </div><!-- /#smBlue --> <script type="text/javascript"><!-- var cwdcChartVar005 = new FusionCharts( "/charts/Pie2D.swf","cwdcChartID005", "400", "300", "0", "1" ); cwdcChartVar005.setXMLUrl("projectTypeSumChartData.action?level=2"); cwdcChartVar005.render("cwdcChartCntnr005"); // --> </script> And this is the contents of /charts/mapUSTotalProjectVal.jsp <div id="smBlue" style="width:425px; " > <div class="box"> <div class="mr"> <div class="ml"> <div class="tr"> <div class="tl"> <h2>Values by State</h2> <div style="width:300px; height:600px; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;"> <div id=cwdcMapCntnr003>Generating chart</div><br /> </div> </div><!-- /#bl --> </div><!-- /#br --> </div><!-- /#ml --> </div><!-- /#mr --> </div><!-- /#box --> </div><!-- /#smBlue --> <script type="text/javascript"><!-- var cwdcMapVar003 = new FusionMaps("/maps/FCMap_USA.swf", "cwdcMapID003", 350, 225, "0", "0"); cwdcMapVar003.setDataURL("projectTotalUSMap.action?level=2"); cwdcMapVar003.render("cwdcMapCntnr003"); // --> </script> You can see where I attempted to set a height value for the enclosing division. This made no difference in the positioning of the other objects. I will attempt to include an image of what is going on: Here is the result of the first sample. Notice everything is visible except for the absence of the lines round the US map. After my owner asked me to move the US Map to the top here is the result: I MUST be able to put these objects on the web page as is appropriate to my design or FusionMaps is unusable. What do I do to have the ability to place the map where I need to without screwing up the position of the other objects on the page?
  12. Css Issues

    I'm sorry. The deadline on this project is looming and I am totally swamped. I provided the exact code and a screen print of the output but I don't know why the posted image is not showing up. I am finding that FusionCharts and FusionMaps aren't very friendly with the rest of the web page. I am using CSS to do various positioning and formatting. It is taking an enormous amount of time on each chart to make it fit within my design. I am ending up having to make my boxes wider and longer than they need to be because that's the only way FusionCharts won't screw them up. I have made the assumption that regardless how I set the margins and padding in the XML for a chart it is going to take it's pound of flesh on the output. I have been able to get FusionCharts integrated into the page although I would like a little more control over how much empty space there is around the maps. Every chart has all this white space around it that I can't do anything with. I don't like that at all. But I don't have time to worry with it. My owner has approved it as is with the understanding I will address it later when I have the time. Now, FusionMaps so far has turned out to be completely impossible. It is not cooperating with the rest of the page at all. But I will take that discussion over to the Maps forum.
  13. Css Issues

    Here is a screen print of the actual charts I am currently generating:
  14. Css Issues

    Hi, I have a number of charts generated. I can include them on a page without issue. However, I am trying to make the page more attractive and have generated some CSS classes that basically wrap content in a box. This works fine when I use it with other content. However, with FusionCharts (and FusionMaps also) it doesn't seem to allow the complete box to display. Here is what does work: <div id="bigBox" style="width:600px; height:300px; " > <div class="box"> <div class="mr"> <div class="ml"> <div class="tr"> <div class="tl"> <h2>LMA Dashboard Login</h2> </div> <!-- eof tl --> </div> <!-- eof tr --> <div class="br"> <div class="bl"> Content goes here... I get a nice box with the content inside the box. </div> <!-- eof bl --> </div> <!-- eof br --> </div> <!-- eof ml --> </div> <!-- eof mr --> </div> <!-- eof box --> </div> <!-- end bigBox --> When I do the same thing with FusionChart the bottom line does not display. I have tried increasing the height and width of the outside division. I have tried centering the inside div and give it margins. Nothing seems to work. It may be something I am doing wrong. But I just don't see it. ALSO. When I display a map using FusionMap it do not get the side lines either. Here is the code for the chart: <div id="smBlue" style="width:100%; height:100%; margin:15px; " > <div class="box"> <div class="mr"> <div class="ml"> <div class="tr"> <div class="tl"> <h2>Project Values by Project Type</h2> </div><!-- /#tl --> </div><!-- /#tr --> <div class="br"> <div class="bl"> <div id=cwdcChartCntnr005>Generating chart</div> </div><!-- /#bl --> </div><!-- /#br --> </div><!-- /#ml --> </div><!-- /#mr --> </div><!-- /#box --> </div><!-- /#smBlue --> <script type="text/javascript"><!-- var cwdcChartVar005 = new FusionCharts( "/charts/Pie2D.swf","cwdcChartID005", "400", "300", "0", "1" ); cwdcChartVar005.setXMLUrl("projectTypeSumChartData.action?level=2"); cwdcChartVar005.render("cwdcChartCntnr005"); // --> </script> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks