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  1. Problem solved. I had to change the following to make it work: chart.Text = RenderChartHTML(" to chart.Text = RenderChart(" The flash needs to be activated when using RenderChartHTML and this is handled with the other function. Regards, steve
  2. No solution as of today. Can someone help me out here? regards, steve
  3. Hello, I'm using the js file that came with the download after i purchased the license. I'm using prototype and scriptaculous for the ajax part. steve
  4. Hello, I've recently purchased FusionCharts v3 and i am very happy with it. However, i can't get the following working in IE7, however it does work perfectly in Firefox; When i'm rendering a chart i automatically render the image, save it to disk and add it to a PDF file. This works perfectly in Firefox however in internet explorer FC_Rendered wasn't fired. Also, a javascript error is raised when the RegisterwithJS flag is set to true (Using 2.0 here). The error is ')' is expected. I've tried several different approaches but I just can't get it to work properly. Side note: Right clicking the image and saving it does work in IE7. This is how i render the chart: Dim oConn As New SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("SQLConnection").ConnectionString) Dim cmd As New SqlCommand("EXEC Rapport_AantalLeerlingen @SchoolID", oConn) cmd.Parameters.Add("@SchoolID", Data.SqlDbType.Int) cmd.Parameters("@SchoolID").Value = Session("SchoolID") oConn.Open() Dim sqlReader As SqlDataReader = cmd.ExecuteReader Dim xmlData As New StringBuilder xmlData.Append("<chart imageSave='1' imageSaveURL='Rapporten/FusionChartsSave.aspx' palette='1' canvasPadding='15' caption='Aantal leerlingen' xAxisName='Periode' yAxisName='Aantal' showValues='1' decimals='0' formatNumberScale='0' useRoundEdges='1'>") While sqlReader.Read xmlData.Append("<set label='" & sqlReader("Omschrijving") & "' value='" & sqlReader("Totaal") & "'/>") End While xmlData.Append("</chart>") oConn.Close() Dim sChartID = "nosave" If Session("CreatingRapport") = True Then Session("CurrentRapport") = "page1" Session("PagesForRapport") = Replace(Session("PagesForRapport"), "page1,", "") sChartID = "tosave" End If chart.Text = RenderChartHTML("../Charts/Line.swf", "", xmlData.ToString(), sChartID, "600", "350", False, True) Thank you, Steve