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  1. Problem solved. I had to change the following to make it work: chart.Text = RenderChartHTML(" to chart.Text = RenderChart(" The flash needs to be activated when using RenderChartHTML and this is handled with the other function. Regards, steve
  2. Hello, I've recently purchased FusionCharts v3 and i am very happy with it. However, i can't get the following working in IE7, however it does work perfectly in Firefox; When i'm rendering a chart i automatically render the image, save it to disk and add it to a PDF file. This works perfectly in Firefox however in internet explorer FC_Rendered wasn't fired. Also, a javascript error is raised when the RegisterwithJS flag is set to true (Using 2.0 here). The error is ')' is expected. I've tried several different approaches but I just can't get it to work properly. Side note: Right clicking the image and saving it does work in IE7. This is how i render the chart: Dim oConn As New SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("SQLConnection").ConnectionString) Dim cmd As New SqlCommand("EXEC Rapport_AantalLeerlingen @SchoolID", oConn) cmd.Parameters.Add("@SchoolID", Data.SqlDbType.Int) cmd.Parameters("@SchoolID").Value = Session("SchoolID") oConn.Open() Dim sqlReader As SqlDataReader = cmd.ExecuteReader Dim xmlData As New StringBuilder xmlData.Append("<chart imageSave='1' imageSaveURL='Rapporten/FusionChartsSave.aspx' palette='1' canvasPadding='15' caption='Aantal leerlingen' xAxisName='Periode' yAxisName='Aantal' showValues='1' decimals='0' formatNumberScale='0' useRoundEdges='1'>") While sqlReader.Read xmlData.Append("<set label='" & sqlReader("Omschrijving") & "' value='" & sqlReader("Totaal") & "'/>") End While xmlData.Append("</chart>") oConn.Close() Dim sChartID = "nosave" If Session("CreatingRapport") = True Then Session("CurrentRapport") = "page1" Session("PagesForRapport") = Replace(Session("PagesForRapport"), "page1,", "") sChartID = "tosave" End If chart.Text = RenderChartHTML("../Charts/Line.swf", "", xmlData.ToString(), sChartID, "600", "350", False, True) Thank you, Steve
  3. No solution as of today. Can someone help me out here? regards, steve
  4. Hello, I'm using the js file that came with the download after i purchased the license. I'm using prototype and scriptaculous for the ajax part. steve