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  1. I have implemented real time line fusion char in .Not net. It will keep refreshing every 15 sec . i have added datastamp attribute in real time line Fusion chart. I have initially set the value for datastamp (ex "dataStamp" : "03:30:15") and which is properly sending this value to data provider page .  Then the data provider page send the updated values and dataStamp to chart . after specified interval the chart got refreshed with updated values but dataStamp values not getting updated. below is my code

    "chart": {
                            "caption": "Real-time Line chart",
                            "subCaption": "Sample Vs VCD",
                            "refreshInterval": "5",
                            "updateInterval": "15",
                            "xAxisName": "Time",
                            "yAxisName": "Stock Price",
                            "numberPrefix": "$",
                            "labeldisplay": "rotate",
                            "showValues": "0",
                            "showRealTimeValue": "0",
                            "theme": "fint", 
                             "dataStamp": "03:12:15",                                      
                             "dataStreamURL": "http://localhost:52018/api/Values/Test"
                        "categories": [{
                            "category": [{
                                "label": "Day Start"
                        "dataset": [{
                            "data": [{
                                "value": "0"

  2. Hi

    Is it possible to have Hide/Show of trend lines in Fusion Chart.



  3. We are using FusionChart.dll and SharpVector dlls. 

  4. HI

    We are experiencing Image export as png at server side, using JS + svg.  

  5. Gantt Chart - Exporting Image/pdf Limitations

    Can you please check if there is a POST DATA size limit set at your server?
  6. Adding Pound Stirling Currency Symbol To Legend

    Hi, Can you please try %A3 instead?
  7. Link Is Not Working

    Hi, Can you please try with some simple links like http://www.google.com ?
  8. Source Field On A Chart

    Hi, I am afraid, this is not possible (in case you need the source text below the chart aligned to the right) as of now. However, as a work-around you can make use of XAxisName or subcaption.
  9. Blackberry Z10 3D Pie Chart Problem

    Hi, A warn welcome to FusionCharts Forum We would definitely look into this and update.
  10. Firefox Stops Displaying Chart If The Container Is Dragged And Dropped

    Hi, We would surely like to look into these. However, this needs an DOM element wise inspection (prefarably using Firebug) to check what happens to the Flash objects after dragging. Can you please share a live URL (possibly with dummy data) where we can check this?
  11. Chart Line - Javascript

    Hi, Can you please try once setting type: "MSLine" property instead of swfUrl: "FusionCharts/MSLine.swf"?
  12. Draw Line And Capture Data Of The Point

    Hi, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum. Could not fully understand you requirement. Quick question: 1. Do you want to click on the chart to create points or do you have a input/source for the points?
  13. % Can Not Be Displayed

    Hi, Are you facing this issue only with % or any other character? In case with %, what do you see instead of %. Can also try once with % instead of %25.
  14. Deleting My Post

    Hi, Can you post here the link to the Post that you want to delete? Moderators would review and if required would delete it.