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  1. Gantt Chart - Exporting Image/pdf Limitations

    Can you please check if there is a POST DATA size limit set at your server?
  2. Adding Pound Stirling Currency Symbol To Legend

    Hi, Can you please try %A3 instead?
  3. Link Is Not Working

    Hi, Can you please try with some simple links like http://www.google.com ?
  4. Source Field On A Chart

    Hi, I am afraid, this is not possible (in case you need the source text below the chart aligned to the right) as of now. However, as a work-around you can make use of XAxisName or subcaption.
  5. Blackberry Z10 3D Pie Chart Problem

    Hi, A warn welcome to FusionCharts Forum We would definitely look into this and update.
  6. Firefox Stops Displaying Chart If The Container Is Dragged And Dropped

    Hi, We would surely like to look into these. However, this needs an DOM element wise inspection (prefarably using Firebug) to check what happens to the Flash objects after dragging. Can you please share a live URL (possibly with dummy data) where we can check this?
  7. Chart Line - Javascript

    Hi, Can you please try once setting type: "MSLine" property instead of swfUrl: "FusionCharts/MSLine.swf"?
  8. Draw Line And Capture Data Of The Point

    Hi, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum. Could not fully understand you requirement. Quick question: 1. Do you want to click on the chart to create points or do you have a input/source for the points?
  9. % Can Not Be Displayed

    Hi, Are you facing this issue only with % or any other character? In case with %, what do you see instead of %. Can also try once with % instead of %25.
  10. Deleting My Post

    Hi, Can you post here the link to the Post that you want to delete? Moderators would review and if required would delete it.
  11. Powerchart Connector Problems:

    Hi, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum. You cannot set a separate text color, background color to connector labels. Tooltip is also not supported in Connectors. Yes, JavaScript functions can be called from connector links.
  12. Why Do Not Automatically Resize

    Hi, You do not required to call resizeTo to resize a chart with set dimensions to 100%. All you need to do is to resize the container element. The chart will fit itself automatically.
  13. Asp Charts Don't Show

    Hi, Please try from here: http://forum.fusioncharts.com/topic/13387-asp-charts-wont-display/#entry52489
  14. Asp Charts Won't Display

    Hi, In case you are using Classic ASP (and not ASP.NET) here is an attachment that you can try running from your GoDaddy server (as it worked in my server hosted in GoDaddy). ASP.zip
  15. Export

    Hi, You need to set an Export Handler through exportHandler attribute in case you are rendering Flash charts. Also, accordingly set up the export handler. For more details please read: http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/?exporting-image/ECOverview.html
  16. How To Set The Width And Height Of The Caption Border

    Hi, You can not set width and height of the caption. You can only set leftMargin in Flash charts.
  17. Drill Down Fusion Chart In Flex

    Hi, Make sure you are using FusionCharts for Flex product from http://www.fusioncharts.com/flex and not the Core FusionCharts XT from http://www.fusioncharts.com. The Core FusionCharts XT charts will not work in Flex environment.
  18. Linux Debian On Rpi

    Hi, You do not need to install anything to allow JavaScript to be served. Please check with generic development guide on Apache and PHP and JavaScript to know how to include JavaScript files etc. Further, start with a simple sample that does not involve database. Once that is passed, you make sure that you have correct database connectivity through PHP and then you are try some code to retrieve data from database and show in table (without using FusionCharts) to ensure that your data retrieving functions are working correctly. Now, you may follow the database examples and render chart. In case you fail in any step related to implementation of FusionCharts (after you have successfully run non FusionCharts related JavaScript and database codes) please let us know along with your code.
  19. Saving Charts As Images To Email Them

    Hi Reno, Apologies. It hurts when customers are in pain. I would try to help you as much as possible from my side. But before that, I would just wish to know if you are using Flash charts or JavaScript charts. What I can presently add here is: 1. You need to render the charts in the browser and then on render of the charts 2. export (save) the charts as image to a server side folder using API and here user interactivity is NOT required To save the image at server, you need to have a server side export handler. I am afraid, as of now, we do not have a export handler for CF. But, for Flash charts we provide a J2EE export handler that you can always use. For JavaScript charts, you can make use of Batik library to do the same. It would require sometime at our end to develop a sample. I would update you as soon as I am done. Apologies again for the pain.
  20. How Do I Show Html Table In Tooltip

    Hi, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum. You can always put HTML tables in tooltips. Just place your HTML code (for the table) in tooltext attribute. Of course, you need to encode (html encode) the < > " ' characters. In case, you need to set styles, you can always define them separately in a CSS file or where ever you find suitable.
  21. Hi Tim, I can suggest you a hack for this data: (I am not sure whether that can be acceptable for other data): set anchorRadius='0.1' for the <dataset> containing wikipedia data. But for this you need to have the latest update. And oh! please do not use a space in the plotGradientColor. Set an empty string instead.
  22. Show Half Line In Multiline Chart

    I guess you want to discontinue when dipped. In that case, pass nothing for the dipped values in your data (XML/JSON). That will create discontinuous and un-dipped lines.
  23. Infinite Loop In Certain Cases

    Relieved to find that your issue has been resolved. Cheers!
  24. Change Data

    Hi, Apologies for the inconvenience. We have rolled-out a nano release - @version fusioncharts/3.3.0-release.18739 with some of the fixes that are required urgently. Can you please re-download and try again? Apologies again.
  25. Export To Excel Chart Drill Down Stops Working

    Can you please try using j- format of drilldown instead of javascript: ? Please note that in j- format, the arguments are passed in a different format. link='J-drilldown-4,OEMS Self Assessment,null' Here, a string parameter "4,OEMS Self Assessment,null" is passed to the "drildown" function when it is called. You can check the documentation for more on this.