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  1. Using Fusioncharts From A Cdn

    Hi, This is done to stop XSS and absolute URLs are blocked. For now, you would need to use a proxy script in the website which would load the image binary in realtime from CDN URL and pass the content as response to the chart. So the chart would actually load the image from CDN howver, it would think that it loading from the application server.
  2. Several Strange Bugs

    Yes, you can use javascript: or pass the whole parameter as string to a proxy JS function which will break down the parameter into parts as required by __doPostBack() function.
  3. Black Background In Javascript Fallback Multilevelpie

    We have tracked this as a weired behaviour in setting gradient color to the background and canvas background (where applicable). We are looking into this. And would let you know, once resolved.
  4. Charts Disappear In Updatepanel

    HI, Could you please check if you are using renderChartHTML at POSTBACK?
  5. Is Fusion Charts Can Be Used In C# Windows Application?

    Will it be possible for you to attach here the project (zipped) so that we can check?
  6. The Real-Time Chart Memory Problem?

    One way is to remove the chart from DOM after certain interval.
  7. Setxmldata With Swf From External Domain

    Also if you are loading the chart swf from a different domain and your JavaScript is in another, the chart wont load new data using the JS API, due to security issues. YOu need to keep the chart swf and aplication with js in the same domain.
  8. Suppoorted Apis Feeding Live Data ?

    As of now, you can not have overlay button or change property in FusionWidgets. You can use FusionCharts but can not feed data incrementally. You can mimic this by re-rendering the chart with new data using setChartData() etc.
  9. Hi, As of now, you can not have overlay button or change property in FusionWidgets. You can use FusionCharts but can not feed data incrementally. You can mimic this by re-rendering the chart with new data using setChartData() etc.
  10. What Are The Browsers Supported By Fusioncharts?

    Please check if you have Flash Player 8 or above installed/enabled in your machine's IE? There is a separate Flash Player for IE.
  11. Export In Vb.net Windows Aplication

    You can always use the C# export handler in your VB application. Please check our VB sample showcasing export from FusionCharts Download Pack > Code > VBNET folder.
  12. Several Strange Bugs

    In case you are URLEncoding (escape) the URL, since 3.2 you do not need to. Please check.
  13. The Real-Time Chart Memory Problem?

    Hi, I am afraid, as of now, the chart can not release the memory.
  14. Dynamic Data From Another Source

    You do not need to define n. You would need to have a DIV/Span an element with id named "chart1div".
  15. Updatepanel Does Not Render The Chart

    Hi, Could you please tell us what exactly you see in the update panel? Is is a blank space or with some message. What do you see when you right click on the page?
  16. Group Countries In Europe Map

    As I have stated earlier, I am not much of a JavaScript expert. May be expert like you can help the community in this.
  17. Is Fusion Charts Can Be Used In C# Windows Application?

    Hi, I apologize. We have mis-understood your implementation. You do not need the JS here. You might have worked in .NET Windows Application. It seems that the event AxShockwaveFlash1_FlashCall is not getting raised which is likely due to Flash Player's Global Security settings which you need to set up once for your standalone machine. You can set it up following the instructions given in the page: http://www.fusioncharts.com/Tools/FlashPlayerSecuritySetup/HowToSetup.html . Once setup the events will be raised and you can achieve the export.
  18. Save Chart Button While Exporting Not Working

    Hi, We would look into this with the recent Flash Players and let you know. Meanwhile, will it be possible for you to expose a live URL of your sample for us so that we can test it directly?
  19. Discontinuous Data With Ios Devices

    Hi, You can actually show discontinuous data by skipping the data, please check below : e.g., <chart caption='Discontinuous Data Demo' numdivlines='4' showValues='0' numVDivLines='22' anchorRadius='2' labelDisplay='rotate' slantLabels='1' lineThickness='2' palette='4'> <categories> <category label='5/2001' /> <category label='6/2001' /> <category label='7/2001' /> <category label='8/2001' /> <category label='9/2001' /> <category label='10/2001' /> <category label='11/2001' /> <category label='12/2001' /> <category label='1/2002' /> <category label='2/2002' /> <category label='3/2002' /> <category label='4/2002' /> <category label='5/2002' /> <category label='6/2002' /> <category label='7/2002' /> <category label='8/2002' /> <category label='9/2002' /> <category label='10/2002' /> <category label='11/2002' /> <category label='12/2002' /> <category label='1/2003' /> <category label='2/2003' /> <category label='3/2003' /> <category label='4/2003' /> </categories> <dataset seriesname='Series 1'> <set /> <set /> <set /> <set value='0' /> <set value='1' /> <set value='2' /> <set value='3' /> <set value='5' /> <set value='8' /> <set value='11' /> <set value='16' /> <set value='23' /> <set value='31' /> <set value='40' /> <set value='49' /> <set value='59' /> <set value='68' /> <set /> <set /> <set value='89' /> <set value='94' /> <set value='97' /> <set value='99' /> <set value='100' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesname='Series 2' > <set /> <set value='0' /> <set value='0' /> <set value='0' /> <set value='0' /> <set value='1' /> <set value='1' /> <set value='1' /> <set value='1' /> <set value='6' /> <set value='26' /> <set value='43' /> <set /> <set /> <set /> <set /> <set value='43' /> <set value='53' /> <set value='66' /> <set value='78' /> <set value='91' /> <set /> <set /> <set /> </dataset> </chart> Please check the mentioned chart from gallery again. We have updated. We accept that alpha property does not get applied to the lines in JS charts, hence this issue. We would update this feature in our next release.
  20. Turkish Characters..

    Hi, If you would need to save it, please save it, but also send the data in response. Like: XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument(); doc.LoadXml(strXML); path = Server.MapPath(".") + "/Data/" + ilAdGetir(il); doc.Save(path+"Pie.xml"); Response.ContentType = "text/xml; characterset=utf-8"; Response.BinaryWrite(new byte[] { 0xEF, 0xBB, 0xBF }); Response.Write(strXML.ToString()); However, you would need o figure out how (may be using a file stream writer instead of using XMLDocument) you would can add BOM Stamp to the XML file you are saving. Writing Response.BinaryWrite(new byte[] { 0xEF, 0xBB, 0xBF }); wont set your file. It only sets the Response stream.
  21. Save Chart Button While Exporting Not Working

    Hi, Can you please tell us if you are running the file from local file system or from a web server? In case you are running it from local file system you would need to configure Flash Player Global Security Settings. Please read from : http://www.fusioncharts.com/Tools/FlashPlayerSecuritySetup/HowToSetup.html
  22. "_Fceo.initializecomponent Is Not A Function"

    Hi, Will it be possible fo you to attach here a scaled down sample which we can check? Please also mention the chart and js versions that you are using.
  23. "_Fceo.initializecomponent Is Not A Function"

    Hi, Please check you have FusionChartsExportComponent.js loaded properly.
  24. Widget Hlineargauge With Php And Mysql

    Hi, Please note that to provide value to the HLinearGauge you need to use <pointer> element. e.g., <pointers> <pointer value='92' /> </pointers> Please check: http://www.fusioncharts.com/widgets/docs/Contents/Linear_Create.html http://www.fusioncharts.com/widgets/docs/Contents/Linear_XML.html
  25. Group Countries In Europe Map

    As of now, may be yes. I am not much expert in JavaScript. So my simple application is as follows: http://www.igcomm.com/show/maps/trackid/