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  1. Show Loading Gif While Waiting On Printmanager

    Hi, You can raise an event when the Print Manger starts processing of all the charts to make them ready for printing. The same event is raised when Print Manger is ready with all the charts processed for printing. You can trap this event like this: FusionCharts.addEventListener ( FusionChartsEvents.PrintReadyStateChange , function (identifier, parameter) { if(!parameter.ready){ // raised first time alert("Print Manger started"); document.getElementById('printButton').disabled = true; } else { // raised second time alert("Chart is now ready for printing."); document.getElementById('printButton').disabled = false; } }); So you can add your code lines in any of these scopes. However, please note that once the Print Manger is ready it will not raise any other event when actual print is complete. That you would need to track using browser's native events.
  2. Css Issues

    Hi, It would be great if you can pass a small sample or a live link which we can check out.
  3. Long Waiting Time For Display

    Hi, Could you please try once setting animation='0' and useRoundEdges='0' ?
  4. Access Export Image Bitstream Before Servlet Call

    Hi, As of now the Client Side Export Component is based on Flash which converts the RLE to image etc. which is in itself a blackbox. However, if you are interested in hacking please note that our Print Manager does the same conversion (in Mozilla based borwsers) using HTML canvas object and draws the image to the canvas which you might re-use.
  5. Long Waiting Time For Display

    Hi, By any chance are you using HTTPS? Could you plese check once with Firebug Net tab in multiple test beds and let us know the figures?
  6. Dinamically Resize Map According To Browser Window Size

    hi, I suppose there can be various ways in HTML-CSS-JavaScript using which you can make dynamically resizable containers, of which I am not completely aware of. For simplicity, I have used 100% CSS width and height. Again, there can be issues with 100% height. So for these, a DHTML based forum might come handy. Thanks for your feedback. Nice to learn things together.
  7. Dinamically Resize Map According To Browser Window Size

    Hi pitommasi, As of now, if you need it urgently, you can go for a work-around. How? We have a private API function called resizeMap(width, height) where you can pass new width and height of the map as number. Also, you would need to make the map container elements dynamically re-sizable (by css/js etc.) Hence, if you just can listen to the resize event of the window and keep on resizing the map calling the function stated above with the resized width and height of the parent container the map will keep on resizing as and when browser window resizes. I have built a quick sample which can help you out. Mostly working in all browsers, but with your advanced JavaScript skills you can make it rock! code below: <html> <head> <title>Hits By Country Example</title> <script type="text/JavaScript" src="FusionMaps.js"></script> <script type="text/JavaScript" ><!-- function FC_Rendered(ID) { window.onresize = resizeMap; } function resizeMap() { var parent = getMapFromId("Map1Id").parentNode.parentNode; getMapFromId("Map1Id").resizeMap(parent.clientWidth,parent.clientHeight); } // --> </script> </head> <body style="height:100%; padding:0; margin:0;"> <div style="width:100%; height:100%; overflow:hidden;" > <div id="mapdiv" style="width:100%; height:100%;"> FusionMaps. </div> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> var map = new FusionMaps("FCMap_World.swf", "Map1Id", "100%", "100%", "0", "1"); map.setDataURL("HitsByCountry.xml"); map.render("mapdiv"); </script> </body> </html> See it live from : http://www.igcomm.com/show/maps/dynamic-resize Please find the code attached. dynamic-resize.zip
  8. Fusioncharts_Gen.php And Ajax Call

    Hi, You might not have loaded the FusionCharts.js in the main PHP file. Please check.
  9. Multiple Charts With Same Data Set

    Hi, You can always do this. You would just need to re-render the and use the respective chart swf as per the selected chart type and pass the same data to the chart. Please find the attached sample. ChangeTypWithSameChartData.zip
  10. Html Table As Data Source

    Hi, We will have this feature in v3 jQuery Plugin. This is to be released soon. We can provide you with the beta. Please send your request to support[@]fusioncharts.com Also, if you are not using FusionCharts 3.2, you may use the existing jQuery plugin to do the same. Please check http://www.fusioncharts.com/jquery/ and for Documentation please check http://www.fusioncharts.com/jquery/docs/ .
  11. Change Country Color

    Hi, You would need to replace the pre declared color in the respective <entity> element with new color and then pass the new XML to the map. This is what is done by the sample. You might be facing duplicate attribute where the first declared attribute is getting applied.
  12. Access Export Image Bitstream Before Servlet Call

    Hi, For v3.2.x FusionCharts and PowerCharts you would need to use chartObject.ref.getImageData().
  13. Cannot Hide A Label...

    Hi, although to use showLabel='0' is the perfect solution to it you can also set displayValue to a blank value as workaround. Could you please let us know (preferably with snapshot and XML) which map (swf) you are using so that we can check whether it is a bug? Please note that you would need to refer to the correct Entity-ID (as per stated in the Map Specification Sheet of the selected map) to get the display value applied to the entity. Please check the attached screenshot and the sample XML for FCMap_World.swf for which works perfectly at our end: <map BorderAlpha='0' showBevel='0' showShadow='0' fillcolor='886688'> <data> <entity id='NA' value=' ' displayValue=' ' /> <entity id='SA' value=' 234' displayValue=' ' /> <entity id='EU' displayValue=' '/> <entity id='AS' value='3' displayValue='Oriental land'/> <entity id='AF' value='1' displayValue=' africa ' /> <entity id='AU' value='' displayValue='australia' /> </data> </map>
  14. Dinamically Resize Map According To Browser Window Size

    Thanks for your inputs.
  15. Complaint

    Hi pitommasi, Hope you have the answers for the listed queries. Thanks.
  16. Hide Entities

    Please find a hack here : http://forum.fusioncharts.com/topic/2083-is-it-possible-to-eliminate-counties/page__gopid__36757#entry36757
  17. World Map Target Countries (x n y coordinates)

    Apologies. Not intended for this thread.
  18. Is it possible to eliminate counties?

  19. Group Countries In Europe Map

    Thanks for your inputs.
  20. Dispose A Map

    Your wish our command
  21. Is There Any Replacement String In Tooltext?

    Happy to answer
  22. World Map Target Countries (x n y coordinates)

    Please find a hack work around here : http://forum.fusioncharts.com/topic/2083-is-it-possible-to-eliminate-counties/page__gopid__36757#entry36757
  23. Is it possible to eliminate counties?

    I am afraid, as of now, you can not remove the extra spaces left from hidden entities. However, you can crop a map using negative values of map margins (mapLeftMargin, mapRightMargin, mapTopMargin, mapBottomMargin) and use proper cropped map width and height to take some part of the map out of the map's visible canvas. Note that this work-around may crop any other visible entity out of the visible canvas. Please see the sample screenshot and XML below (for World map - FCMap_World.swf; width-360 height-360) which puts North America and south America entities out of map canvas. For this the width and height are modified: <map hoverOnEmpty='0' BorderAlpha='0' showlabels='1' showBevel='0' showShadow='0' fillcolor='886688' mapLeftMargin='-350' mapRightMargin='-100'> <data> <entity id='NA' alpha='0' showLabel='0'/> <entity id='SA' alpha='0' showLabel='0'/> <entity id='EU' value='3' displayValue='My Europe' showLabel='1'/> <entity id='AS' value='3' displayValue='Oriental land' tooltext='tooltext' showLabel='1'/> <entity id='AF' showLabel='0'/> <entity id='AU' showLabel='0' /> </data> </map> The success of this depends on the position of the entity which you are hiding. If you are hiding an entity which is placed next to the margins of the map and cropping the map does not crop a visible entity, it's your baby! P.S. Lots of fighting with the margin values might bother you though.
  24. Is There Any Replacement String In Tooltext?

    Hi, 'As of now, you can only put a custom tooltip which will completely replace the default tooltip (with value). You would not be able to partially/completely update anything (map entity value, tooltip, color range, legend, cosmetics, number formatting etc.) at runtime using JavaScript etc. To update a map or any of it's object you would need to update it's XML with all required changes using setDataXML/setDataURL function. You can not use the format (which wstech had asked) : some customize text, {value}. wstech seems to be wishing to create a tooltip where a part of the tooltip would be hard-coded (some customize text, ) and the other part would be dynamically generated ({value} replaced by the actual value of the entity) by the map. You would get source code of any of the 4 core products (FusionCharts, FusionWidgets, FusionMaps and PowerCharts) with the Enterprise Plus License. http://www.fusioncharts.com/license/ leads to all of these products. You can also buy any of these core products from http://www.fusioncharts.com/buy/?fusionmaps=enterprise plus Thank you very much for your continued patience and patronage. ( this is not part of any of the signatures )
  25. Is it possible to eliminate counties?

    Hi, Hope your issue has been resolved in http://forum.fusioncharts.com/topic/8978-hide-entities/page__pid__36613#entry36613