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  1. ISO Country Codes

    Hi, Yes, you would need to make a remapping. You can also define custom ids. For your kind reference : http://www.fusioncharts.com/maps/docs/Contents/CustomID.html
  2. Group Countries In Europe Map

    As of now, you can not group entities and assign a single action to the group. You need to set individual/common action (link) to each of the entities.
  3. Dispose A Map

    Hi, Along with this we will surely add the dispose function.
  4. Dinamically Resize Map According To Browser Window Size

    Hi, As of now, it is not possible. Dynamic resizing will be available in our next release FusionMaps v3.2
  5. World Map Target Countries (x n y coordinates)

    @pitommasi : Major ones. @parisspring : As of now, we do not have a way to convert x/y to latitude-longitude.
  6. Custom Legend

    Hi, You can use showLegend='0' in <map> element to hide the legend.
  7. Dispose A Map

    Yes, This does not happen with charts starting from v3.2 as since v3.2 FusionCharts.js manages the id and if you do not dispose a chart with that id, a different id is created. We will come up with this feature in FusionMaps soon in its next release FusionMaps v3.2
  8. Dispose A Map

    Hi, As of now, yes, the new map (same or different) when rendered with the same/old id.
  9. Dispose A Map

    Hi, .dispose() is a new API for FusionCharts which is not yet available for FusionMaps. It would be available in our next FusionMaps release v3.2. Similarly, JSON support, LinkedCharts, advanced event registering, dynamic resizing, Print Manager, functions like resizeTo, clone, isActive, getXMLData, getJSONData, setXMLUrl, setXMLData, setJSONUrl, setJSONData, setMapAttribute,configure, configureLink, addEventListener, removeEventListener, clone, addVariable are not yet supported.
  10. Marker Coordinates

    Hi, Happy to help.
  11. [More Than Urgent!] Get Coloring Range In Javascript

    Hi, Apologies for this. You can not get the color ranges from JavaScript. As of now you can only get the XML and list of entities from the chart using JavaScript.
  12. [Urgent!] Map Events

    Hi, To load maps it would be better to use FusionMaps.js to avails all the features of FusionMaps.
  13. Hide Entities

    Hi, The solution only hides the entity, It does not squeezes the empty space to fit the visible entities.
  14. [Urgent!] Map Events

    Hi, I am afraid, as of now, addEventListener API and drawComplete event are not available in FusionMaps. You would need to use FC_Render. Could you please provide us a scaled down sample where you are facing this?
  15. Problem In Displaying Y-Axis Namings Properly

    Hi, You can try using decimalPrecision='2' to see that these are not duplicates but different numbers with are rounded. I am afraid, as of now, you would need to specifically set the numDivLines and yAxisMaxValue and yAxisMinValue in these cases.
  16. Hide Entities

    Hi, You can set off the tooltips for certain entities. To achieve this you can use hoverOnEmpty='0' in <map> and place null value for the value attribute of required <entity> element. e.g., <map hoverOnEmpty='0' BorderAlpha='0' showlabels='1' showBevel='0' showShadow='0' fillcolor='886688'> <data> <entity id='NA' alpha='0' showLabel='0'/> <entity id='SA' value='' showLabel='1'/> <entity id='EU' value='3' displayValue='My Europe' showLabel='1'/> <entity id='AS' value='3' displayValue='Oriental land' tooltext='tooltext' showLabel='1'/> <entity id='AF' showLabel='0'/> <entity id='AU' showLabel='0' /> </data> </map>
  17. Marker Coordinates

    Hi, Please find my answers in-lined. FusionMaps uses x/y coordinate based markers. Each map starts it's top-left corner (barring the margins) as zero x and y position. So please note that these are not latitude/longitude or these are not relative to the other maps in the pack. marker positions are unique for each map swf. I am afraid, as of now, we would not be able to provide you the coordinates of the center of each country. As of now, maps are not built this way. Hence, we can not provide you a solution where you can place markers automatically using a run-time logic. I am afraid, we are unclear of the map (swf) which you are using. Hence, it is very difficult for us to answer this question specifically. But, in general and (if you are using World with countries map) we have not created one marker for each country. There are countries with no markers at all.
  18. White Border And Background For Pie Graph

    To set the color of the label fonts you need to use baseFontColor attribute in <chart> element. Additionally, you can use outCnvBaseFontColor attribute in <chart> element to set color to your caption/subcaption.
  19. [More Than Urgent!] Get Coloring Range In Javascript

    Hi, You can not set color range directly using JavaScript API. If you have a JavaScript store which contains the colors and value ranges, you would need to build the XML for the map and pass it to the map. To provide data, settings, color range, markers, connectors, cosmetics, formatting in FusionMaps, you would always (as of now) need to build XML and pass it to the map.
  20. Marker Coordinates

    Yes there are X and Y coordinates for each map swf file and for selected cities. They are not at the center of the country or one for each country. Again, you can always create your own markers using our GUI http://www.fusioncharts.com/maps/Demos/GUI/Index.html
  21. Hide Entities

    Hi, You can hide a entity in map if you first hide the border using BorderAlpha='0' in <map> entity. To hide the entity please use alpha='0' in the <entity> node of the respective entity. e.g., <map BorderAlpha='0' > <data> <entity id='NA' alpha='0' /> <entity id='SA' /> <entity id='EU' /> <entity id='AS' /> <entity id='AF' /> <entity id='AU' /> </data> </map>
  22. How Do I To Link Two Or More Charts?

    Hi, Seems your XML data has new line character. Could you please try once removing the newlines (in PHP) from the XML before you pass it to the chart via renderChart() ?
  23. Erro In Setdataxml

    Hi, Will it be possible for you to share (attach) the XML with us? Please note that you might be having special characters like % & etc, which need to be URL Encoded or you might be having newline characters which needs to be removed before you can pass the XML as string from PHP.
  24. Links For Categories Behaves Different

    Hi, You would need use labelDisplay='none' to enable the links in categories.
  25. Not Working Iis7 Server 2008 R2

    Hi, Could you please check if your deployed client is 64 bit?