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  1. Mvc2

    We tried creating small sample and export using MVC2. We will send you a very small sample soon you send your email id and details to [email protected]
  2. Thanks for the updates.
  3. Fusion Charts On Filemaker Generated Web Site

    Hi, You need to build XML for the chart using the data from FileMaker though PHP. Next you can pass the data to the chart and the chart would render.
  4. Chart Export Callback Functions

    Hi, the data gets POSTED to server, the server processes it and then saves and returns response back to chart, chart calls the callback. So, it can take a bit of time depending on transfer rate, server load etc.
  5. Adding To Exported Images/pdfs

    Hi, Please send is your email id to [email protected] with all details and our developer will let you know.
  6. is is by any chance that the data is not getting posted properly?
  7. Ipad/iphone Display Bug

    Our developers are looking into this and the solution will be available in the next release.
  8. Partial Canvas Border

    This is possible using a tweak. 1. set of canvas border using canvasBorderAlpha='0'. 2. Create a shadows style and apply on canvas. <styles><definition><style type="Shadow" name="Shadow_0" Distance="1" strength='4' angle='135' quality='64' Color="000000" blurY="0" blurX='0'/></definition><application><apply toObject="CANVAS" styles="Shadow_0"/></application></styles>
  9. Json Object Discrepency In 3.2 Style

  10. Are Dynamic Charts Possible?

    Hi, This can absolutely be done. All you need to do is to build an XML form your data (dynamic or statc) as per the schema supported by the chart and pass the XML to the chart when embedding it using the J2EE wrapper.
  11. Use Image In Displayvalue

    This is not directly supported.
  12. Some Strategic Questions To Fusion And Js And On To Auto-Scalcing X-Axis

    How can we do auto-scaling for x-axis with flash and js >> Auto scaling for X Axis is not supported in normal charts except for Scatter and bubble.
  13. Some Strategic Questions To Fusion And Js And On To Auto-Scalcing X-Axis

    Hi, Thanks for trying FusionCharts. Some updates on your questions: Will all of your charts be available in JS version (power and so on)? >> As of now not all. We are trying our best to provide as much as we can. All will be there in our next major version - v4. * Will HighCharts and Fusion become as close together as possible? >> We are trying to do this too. Only that there wont be any 3D charts using HighCharts. Some differences will always be there which we will overcome in our next major verison v4. * Which constraints exist (What works in js and not in flash, what works in flash, not in js) >> Our docs pages can help: http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Introduction/JSChartingCapabilities.html * Will "zoomable" be available for charts with more than one y-axis? >> We have this in our wish list for v4.
  14. Zoomline Chart Settings

    1. Can not be done as of now. 2. Chart automatically decides that to prevent overlapping. 3. no
  15. Fusioncharts For Flex Chart Duplicating Itself

    Hi, Could you please check once not using FCRender() if a chart is already existing?
  16. Server Side Fusionchart

    Yes, each chart provide a JS API function called exportChart. You can call this function when the chart get completely rendered and ready for export. You can see a PHP sample from our latest (FusionCharts v3.2.1) pack's CODE/PHP/Export folder.
  17. Update Fc Dynamically Per User Input

    Hi, If you call render the chart will reload or if you set another chart type. Please try calling only the two lines below and you wil see the difference. chartReference.setChartAttribute("animation", blnAnim); chartReference.setChartAttribute("showSum", blnShowSum); Please note that setChartAttribute internally updates an existing chart which is also redrawing the chart, but the redrawing takes place pretty fast to get this traced visibly.
  18. Setdataurl Problem

    Hi, Could you please try once using the latest version of FusionCharts v3.2?
  19. Gantt Displays Blank Labels

    Please also find the attached file containing Gantt with 105 rows. Please find that the gantt showing all labels, tasks, datatable etc. Please note that there is surely a limitation to the number of tasks that you can plot which is 300-400 with animation, shadow, tooltip, gradient are turned off. GanttWithHeight2.zip
  20. Gantt Displays Blank Labels

    I suppose you just need to increase the height of the chart. Please find a sample attached has used your XML with some modification of the font size for better visibility. GanttWithHeight.zip
  21. Gantt Displays Blank Labels

    Your chart is too big vertically to give space for the labels in the table.
  22. Perl & 'link' tag

    Hi, Could you please try using this sample attached? PERLSamples.zip
  23. Does Fusion Charts support accessibility?

    Hi, Please find a sample attached. FusionCharts_508.zip
  24. Rendercharthtml Change From 3 To 3.2 Fix

    Hi, Thanks for sharing this. We actually cleaned up the RenderChartHTML method for 3.2. <DIV> is optional as <OBJECT>/<EMBED> will take care of all things. In majority of the cases, standard method of accessing an HTML element via JavaScript DOM is using an Id and rarely using name in the element. Please share with the community your ideas on using id vs using 'name'.