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  1. Info required on real time data streaing charts

    Hi Arun, Wonderful job! Please find the answers in-lined: Is their any technology constraints? >> There is no technological constrain as FusionCharts works at client side using browser's Flash Player. So all you need is a browser and Flash Player. What will be the overall performance both in client side and server side. >> Most of the work (collection of prepared data for chart and drawing of chart) is done at client side. At server end you need to prepare the data feed collecting from various sources as per your model. What is the model used here and where we need to do bulk of the coding? >> At a glance, the model is Build your data at server side (XML or data feed for realtime charts) - configure chart for alerts etc. in the XML itself at server - write chart building code at server side - the chart template swf file gets loaded at client from server along with data - at client the chart renders with your data and can alert as set. So the bulk of the coding would be centered around collecting data and building data (XML or feed) for chart. A very small section of code for chart configuring and building.[/color] When streaming data, do we have to send xml data again and again to all charts or is it a incremental data fed. >> For real-time charts you need to set XML once and keep feeding the real-time data using standard querysting format and realtime charts will keep incrementing in real-time in certain intervals. Is the fusion charts possible to shown as a mobile app. >> FusionCharts v3 needs Flash Player 8 or more. So mobiles supporting Flash Player 8 or Flash Player light 3 or above will be able to show everything smoothly. We are also coming up with non-flash-player-based solutions too which we will be releasing soon.
  2. How to sent datas from Extjs to Action class using Struts and AJAX

    Hi saravanan, I am afraid, we mostly talk here on FusionCharts and its implementation on various Technologies. I would have loved to help , but I am afraid, I do not have much experience in this field. You might look for dedicated J2EE forums.
  3. How to sent datas from Extjs to Action class using Struts and AJAX

    Hi, Welcome to FusionCharts Fourm. :w00t: Are you talking about FusionCharts? I was unable to understand the query. Please elaborate.
  4. JSON through setDataURL

    Hi, Can you please confirm that you are using the latest version of FusionCharts?
  5. FusionChartHelper and C#

    Hi, In C# there is HttpServerUtility.UrlEncode() or Server.UrlEncode().
  6. HTML labels with PHP Class

    Hi, There wont be any issue with = and "" getting encoded as that is a necessity in dataXML method which PHP class uses. If it happens to be that your <18 is not working please encode < to &lt; Please note that in FusionCharts labels righ align is not supported.
  7. Chart Area Border Not Present When Exported

    Hi, The border actually get exported, just that it is not prominent. If you set a borderColor to a contrasting color (say borderColor='ff0000') and showBorder='1' you can get the border in the exported image/pdf.
  8. Flash Player 10.1 urgent issue

    Hi, Yes, there has been some issues in printing and previewing charts in FileMaker. We are working on a fix.
  9. Hi, We got some report of the exported image's background turning black (even if the expected color is not black). With the help of many active members of our community we traced down the issue to be occuring in a few linux distributions, e.g. CentOS 5 Hence, we wish to post here a fix for this. Please find the attached file with the fixed PHP export component. Please note that only /Resources/FCExporter_IMG.php file has been fixed. The rest of the files are same as those present in v3.1.1 pack. FCExporter_PHP.zip
  10. Hi, You can render a chart using code-behind. Please refer to: http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/CS_BasicExample.html
  11. set link attribute problem

    Hi, Apologies for the issue. Please note that you need to have Flash Player Folbal Security settings on in case you are running the application from local path. Alternately please check running from a web server.
  12. Automating printing of charts to image files (.JPG)

    Hi Jean, Welcome to FusionCharts forum. Fist of all to use FusionCharts you do not need to have any prior experience in Flash or Flex. It is created in Flash and is now separated from Flash. You can use FusionCharts as a web component which you need to add to your web solution as a Flash object (we have provided wrappers to ease this process) and pass your data as XML to the charts. You can pass XML as a stream (static or dynamically generated XML) or XML as string. So far static reports are concerned, you can export the charts to images in a server side folder using the server side export feature. You can automate the export mechanism, but you need to generate the chart once at client side, FusionCharts being a client side component. You would need to setup the server-save-setting once and load the charts (which can be generated using dynamic data) in a browser whenever you need to export. Please note that if you have .NET server, you can use our assembly specially made for .NET which can save a chart silently at server-side without user interaction.
  13. FusionMaps for Flex v1.0 - Released

    Hi, FusionMaps for Flex is now out of Beta. We are happy to release FusionMaps for Flex v1.0 - animated, interactive and dynamic maps for your Adobe Flex Solutions. FusionMaps for Flex boasts of the following: * Provides over 314 maps including all continents, countries, US states, and states/counties of a lot of other countries. * Supports dynamic-resizing. * API for Drill-down, mouse interactivity, export etc. * Custom Markers, shapes, connector lines. * Works with Flex Builder 2, Flex Builder 3 and Flash Builder 4 (Flex SDK 2/3/4). * Simple copy-paste style installation. * Lots of code samples and extensive documentation. You may download the beta from www.fusioncharts.com/flex/download. You may see the online demos at : www.fusioncharts.com/flex/demos/us-election/index.html or www.fusioncharts.com/flex/demos/us-employment-distribution/index.html. You may see all the map using our interactive Map Explorer. To read more on how to use FusionMaps for Flex, you may also visit the Online Documentation at www.fusioncharts.com/flex/docs/maps. Your feedback is VERY important to us and we would love to hear any suggestions, complaints, modifications, feature requests, compliments etc.
  14. FusionCharts with Seam

    Hi, Roughly the XML formats for various charts vary. Still the common formats for all charts can be found from the pages from Online Documentation >> FusionCharts and XML section. Direct Links: http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/XMLOverview.html http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/SingleSeries.html http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/MultiSeries.html http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/CombiXML.html Please also note that Chart XML API section contains XML API of each chart present in FusionCharts v3 pack. For each chart you would get a sample XML that you can follow. Please let me know which chart would like to implement so that I can specify the exact format. You can also make use of the XSD posted in our forum : http://www.fusioncharts.com/forum/FindPost21264.aspx
  15. 1. Yes, you need to convert date into a long type number. May i know if you are using any server side script (if yes what) to generate the XML? 2. You can track events defining functions - FC_NoDataToDisplay or FC_DataXMLInvalid or FC_DataLoadError. c.f. http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/JS_Events.html FC_DataLoaded(DOMId) When the data of the chart has finished loading - both in dataXML or dataURL method. To further process data in any other components in your page. FC_DataLoadError(DOMId) When there was an error in loading data from the specified URL To show an error message to user, or to take a corrective measure FC_NoDataToDisplay(DOMId) When the XML data loaded by chart didn't contain any data to display To show an error message to user, or to take a corrective measure FC_DataXMLInvalid(DOMId)
  16. chart.hasRendered is not a function

    Hi, To reiterate could you please check the following: 1. You have latest FusionCharts (v3.1.0 or more). Lower versions do not support this. 2. You are using code to check whether hasRendered is defined or not. e.g. function ExportMyChart() { var testObj = getChartFromId('myChartId'); if( testObj.hasRendered && testObj.hasRendered() ) testObj.exportChart(); }
  17. Hi, Can you please try once: 1. Convert your dates into integer numbers. 2. Check out Scatter chart (it supports line) 3. Put the converted integers in X Axis ( categories).
  18. rendering chart from external .as class

    Hi, Please find the attached modified code. Modified in your code: 1. Added : import com.fusioncharts.core.charts.MSLine2DChart; in extendChart.as 2. Modified draw function in extendChart.as public function buildAndDisplay() { var thisclass = this; var xml:XML = new XML(); xml.ignoreWhite=true; xml.onLoad = function(success) { if (success) { mainChart = new MSLine2DChart( thisclass.movieContainer , 3, 550, 425, 0, 0, true, "EN", "noScale"); mainChart.setXMLData(this); mainChart.render(); stop(); } } xml.load(xmlFile); } MainModified.zip
  19. Hi, Please make sure that this line inside the condition is getting executed i.e. chartObj.hasRendered() evaluates to true chartObj.exportChart(); Also please make sure that export related XML attributes are retained while you update the XML.
  20. Dynamic chart creation - reading tables to chart from MySQL

    Hi, There can be many reasons behind showing "Chart.". 1. FusionCharts.js is not loaded or incorrect path set for this file in your application. Please make sure that you are loading FusionCharts.js properly. 2. due to JavaScript error. You might be passing value with NEW LINE character in which which will break down the code. Could you please send (attach) us the HTML that is getting generated?
  21. question:how to generate the chart quickly ? it's urgent ~

    Hi, Bigger data would take time to parse. You can use the chart's native API function - setDataXML(), rather than FusionCharts.js's setDataXML(). Please write: function FC_Rendered(DOMId) { getChartFromId('yourChartDOMId').setDataXML(''); }
  22. export problem in ie7

    Hi, Also please make sure you have Flash Player 10 installer for your IE. Flash Player is different from Firefox and IE.
  23. setDataXML with Gantt Chart

    Hi, Could you please also check whether you are using the latest FusionCharts.js (In the header if the JS file you would find this - Version: 1.2.4 (16th February, 2009) - Added fix for chart with % width/height.) This version contains fix for % and & characters. Also, to use this fix you need to pass the XML using setDataXML().
  24. Widgets Doubts!

    Hi, You need to use exportHandler and exportAtClient attributes too. If you wish to save the exported file to a server side directory using server side export feature please ser exportAyClient='0'. for this exportHandler would be the path/URL to the sever side export handler script. If you wish to export at client side withour server intervemtions, set exportAtClient='1' and in exportHandler set the id of the client side export handler component which you need to generate separately. Please go though the docuemntation links provided in the previous post for more details. So far Evaluation copy is concerned, we do not block any feature. Our eval charts,gauges are fully featured in eval( or trial what ever you name it - these are free to try before you decide to byu and use - so not necessarily Free) So, there might be some other issue in your implementation, which we would gladly like to look into.
  25. Canvas gradient

    Hi, please try setting canvasBgAngle='90'