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  1. How to export multi chart by one click

    Hi, Could you please let us know whether all the selected charts (more than 10) initiates export progress bar when the batch export is invoked? If not, please check whether registerWithJS is on for each of the charts.
  2. HLinearGauge + PHP + MySQL

    Hi, I am afraid, as of now, PHP Class does not support Linear Gauge. But you can always build up the XML as a string (in PHP) and pass the value to it using PHP. You might go through the PHP+MQSQL version of the FusionWidgets BluePrint application which contains one sample to build up a linear gauge.
  3. Fusion map for selecting different locations

    Hi, You can call a JavaScript function passing the state id to it by defining a link for each entity. Please see: http://www.fusioncharts.com/maps/docs/Contents/DrillDown/JavaScript.html
  4. Problem in number scaling

    Hi, We have tested this XML in our lab and the resultant chart is (pleaes mark the T or L or C in the columns): <graph palette='3' formatNumber='1' sFormatNumber='1' formatNumberScale='1' sFormatNumberScale='1' sNumberScaleValue='1000,100,100' sNumberScaleUnit='T,L,C' numberScaleValue='1000,100,100' numberScaleUnit='T,L,C' decimals='2' showLegend='1' labelDisplay='WRAP' useRoundEdges='1' > <categories> <category label='HO AND MAIN BRANCH1' /> <category label='MARKET ROAD BRANCH' /> <category label='PEROLE BRANCH' /> <category label='TK BRANCH' /> <category label='NON BANKING DEPARTME' /> <category label='EVENING BRANCH' /> </categories> <dataset seriesName='Net Exp' showValues='0' renderAs='Line' parentYAxis='P'> <set value='76786576.60' /> <set value='16307852.40' /> <set value='11917011.99' /> <set value='6664927.00' /> <set value='1200.00' /> <set value='5859511.05' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='Working Fund' showValues='1' renderAs='Bar' parentYAxis='S'> <set value='10870217971.38' /> <set value='2123.33' /> <set value='15141.80' /> <set value='868432.42' /> <set value='7325690.18' /> <set value='779386068.84' /> </dataset> </graph>
  5. Resize PDF

    Hi, I suppose the chart is of the same size. Please see it in 100% view
  6. XML Framing For Uncontinuous data in java!

    Hi Anila, I hope you are getting the data in some form or the other. You need to write atleast a parser code to iterate through the data and build a new data store according to your need be then generate the xml.
  7. Javascript call getDataXML on DragNode

    Hi, Could you please let me know, whether you are running the Application locally from local file system? If so, please check that you have Flash Player Global Security setting on. cf: http://www.fusioncharts.com/forum/Topic5009-47-1.aspx#bm8077 or run it from a web server (localhost/live)
  8. XML Framing For Uncontinuous data in java!

    Anila, :crying: This is sad :ermm: That is not a very good thing from your authority:pinch:. As a developer you should have some right atlest to query the database and store the result in Java. You might approach .. :arrow: ... have a bit of discussion :discuss: with your seniors regarding this .. and we wish things come up smooth :smooooth: Best of luck from all of us
  9. Javascript call getDataXML on DragNode

    Hi, Your code with registerWithJS works fine in our lab. Could you please check that you aer using the latest version of the chart SWF? (free update from : http://www.fusioncharts.com/PUC ) Also make sure that you are calling the function AFTER the chart completes rendering. Modification to your code to track this. <input id="btn" type="button" value="getxml" onclick="get();" disabled='0'> ... function FC_Rendered(DOMId) { document.getElementById('btn').disabled=false; }
  10. Javascript call getDataXML on DragNode

    Hi, It seems a small change that you need to do. Set the chart's registerWithJS option on. var chart = new FusionCharts("../Charts/DragNode.swf", "ChartId", "600", "450", "0", "1");
  11. How to export multi chart by one click

    Hi, We could not replicate this issue in our Labs. Could you pleaser let us know which browser version and Flash Player version(detailed), OS version you are using?
  12. Name for the saved images.

    Hi Krishna, I apologize for the typo that Basundhara did in the earliest post. She wrote: "exportFlieName" which should be "exportFileName" And I find that your XML is actually containing this mistake too. Please use exportFileName attribute name and give it a try. Hope things will woke out fine now.
  13. Name for the saved images.

    Hi, Could you please make sure that you are passing different file name for each chart? If you pass the same name for all 9 charts it might be that you are asking each chart to save to one single file, hence, the last exported chart remains as the exported image.
  14. Javascript Link for drill-down

    Hi Sri, Universally (FusionCharts v3/FREE, FusionMaps, FusionWidgets, PowerCharts) its (some modifications required for dataXML method) link="yourJSfucntion(parameters)" link='j-yourJSFunction-parametersWholeTakenAsString" in has been introduced since FusionCharts v3.0.7.
  15. Using Fusion Chart in an Webuser Control

    Hi, Could you please try using RenderChartHTML() in PostBack and RenderChart() in !PostBack?
  16. Operation Aborted

    Hi, "Operation Aborted" is a IE specific error that occurs because a child container HTML element contains script that tries to modify the parent container element of the child container. (c.f. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/927917 ) Could you please try : 1. Add a panel in from design view and set an Id to it (say, Panel1) 2. In code behind - set Panel1.Text = chart's CODE. e.g. in aspx page: In Code Behind: ( in Page_Load event )
  17. combination line and bar charts

    Hi, Could you please try using a dual y axis combination chart ( combi2ddy) which provides line column combination?
  18. Chart is not shown in my application

    Hi, Could you please check the path which should be relative to the application path and not to the master page path? Please also let us know what you are getting instead of the chart. If it is blank space taking up the space where you right click and it says 'movie not loaded' its definitely a path issue. It can be an issue with FusionCharts.js not being loaded correctly if you are getting a text 'chart' instead.
  19. Operation Aborted

    Hi, Could you please send us the code that you are using to implement this?
  20. "save as image" not available with upgrade to Version 3.1

    Hi, The export feature is consistant in all charts. First of all, please check whether you are using the 3.1.1 Multiseries charts by settin the debugMode on. Please compare and contrast the XML attributes that you are providing for all the charts. You can always emulate the "Save as Image" context menu using exportFormats attribute.
  21. XML Framing For Uncontinuous data in java!

    Hi Anila, It can be like this: 1. Create a query that results into a recordset of unique/distinct category values using a sort order. Store it into an array. This would help you building the categories. 2. Now, antoher SQL query to fetch dataset records along with the cateogy names with the same sort order. 3. Now iterate through the array as well on each iteration compare the catgory name == array elemet''s value. If so, add that value in SET. Otherwise add blank <SET/> till you find a match. 4. The dataset would be completely built once your loop ends.
  22. Combination Charts with php and MySQL

    Hi Emanuel, To pass multiple values to a file using query string you would need to URL Encode the URL. This would depend on the implementation that you are doing at your end which I am aware. So, can not state specifically where exactly you need to do this.
  23. On DataLoadError do not render chart

    Hi, 1. Load the chart 1x1 pixel or say 5x5. 2. Trap the event 3. If DataLoadError remove the chart instance from the parent div by setting innerHTML = "" 4. If successful , when no error events are trapped & FC_Rendered() get the XML from the chart by chart.getXML() 5. Render the chart again (with actual size) using this XML as dataXML in the same DIV where the small chart is present. This will replace the old chart with a new chart.
  24. Problem wit IE8 and Javascript Fusioncharts

    Hi, I apologize for my typo: Please check with this: myChart.setDataURL("FUELUSAGE.xml?nocache="+ new Date().valueOf() );