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  1. Combination Charts (Dual Y)

    Hi, The border that you see on top,side and bottom of the area is actually a border around the whole plot, and we call it plot border. You can not partially (only from below and side) hide it in a chart. You can hide it completely via - plotBorderAlpha='0' What you seem to require is a combination of an area without the border and a line with anchors on top of area. As of now, this is not possible, directly - but possible using work-around - please read my next post on this. However, in the upcoming release, we will be supporting this requirement in the JavaScript charts where the chart can show an area similar to the attached image, but only through JavaScript charts.
  2. Hi, The gap exists when you view the PDF because, each chart is exported as a separate page in the pdf, so you see the page gap in the PDF viewer. As of now, our export mechanism can not stitch all the images into a single file. Hence, as a work-around you need to export the charts as image files (JPG/PNG) and then stitch all the charts into a single page PDF - the way you require.
  3. Data Not Found In Box And Whisker Charts

    Hi, You need at-least 3 values to create a box plot with a median.
  4. Dual - Y - Axis Drill Not Working In Chrome, Safari

    Also, Can you please confirm if you have checked the sample whose link I had shared with you?
  5. Dual - Y - Axis Drill Not Working In Chrome, Safari

    Hi, If you are trying to load data from cross domain, you might keep the Chrome's developer tool's console open and check if Chrome is blocking data from cross-domain.
  6. Multiple Series Dynamic Stacked Charts

    For example: If you use the following data: <chart caption='Bank Deposits' xAxisName='Date' yAxisName='Amount' showValues='0' numberPrefix='$'> <categories> <category label='Jan' /> <category label='Feb' /> <category label='Mar' /> <category label='Apr' /> </categories> <dataset seriesName='Bank A'> <set /> <set value='29800'/> <set value='25800' /> <set value='26800' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='Bank B'> <set /> <set /> <set value='31800' /> <set value='36700' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='Bank C'> <set value='29700' /> <set value='31900' /> <set /> <set value='4800' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='Bank D'> <set value='10000'/> <set value='11500'/> <set /> <set value='5000'/> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='Bank E'> <set /> <set value='9800' /> <set value='11800' /> <set /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='Bank F'> <set value='21700' /> <set /> <set value='22900' /> <set /> </dataset> </chart> You will get a chart similar to:
  7. Evaluation Box Showing In Version 3.2

    Hi, In User license, the combination charts are not available and hence Trial version of these files are packed along with the user pack. Could you please pass us the license type you are having or your order id so that we can check and let you know?
  8. Runtime Error Displaying The Graph

    Hi Missy786, Please check my reply on your post and code in http://forum.fusioncharts.com/topic/12658-blank-chart-webpage/page__gopid__49925#entry49925
  9. Combination Charts (Dual Y)

    Hi, Of course! Please use anchorColor and AnchorRadius attributes. Example: anchorColor='ff0000' anchorRadius='10'
  10. Multiple Graph Images From The Save Chart

    Hi, I am afraid, as of now, it is not possible using JavaScript charts.
  11. Hi, You are using a old version of FusionCharts. Can you please try once updating to the latest version? You can re-download from the Product Update Center to get the latest version.
  12. Show Yaxis Value At Right

    Hi, Not directly, but as work-around, you can choose to use a Combination Dual Y Axis chart, and render all your lines on Secondary Axis (right) + hide the primary Y Axis on the left using these attributes: showYAxisValues='0' showDivLineSecondaryValue='1' showSecondaryLimits='1' Example XML: (using MSCombiDY2D chart) <chart showYAxisValues='0' showDivLineSecondaryValue='1' showSecondaryLimits='1' caption='Sales Volume' YAxisName='Revenue' showvalues='0' showShadow='1' > <categories> <category label='Jan' /> <category label='Feb' /> <category label='Mar' /> <category label='Apr' /> <category label='May' /> <category label='Jun' /> <category label='Jul' /> <category label='Aug' /> <category label='Sep' /> <category label='Oct' /> <category label='Nov' /> <category label='Dec' /> </categories> <dataset seriesName='Revenue' parentYAxis='S'> <set value='170' /> <set value='610' /> <set value='142' /> <set value='135' /> <set value='214' /> <set value='121' /> <set value='113' /> <set value='156' /> <set value='212' /> <set value='900' /> <set value='132' /> <set value='101' /> </dataset> </chart>
  13. Chart Not Rendered

    Hi Liva, I do not have IE8 to test this, but, I would guess this is possibly because, Sanjukta's example is loading the supporting files (SWF and JS) from a folders which is already inside the folder that contains the HTML file (probably more secure); whereas, your First chart example, is loading the SWF and LS from a folder outside the folder that contains the HTML file.
  14. Combination Charts (Dual Y)

    Hi, Can you please try setting anchorAlpha='100' ?
  15. Multiple Graph Images From The Save Chart

    Hi, And here is a sample with better aesthetics and no flicker (all split charts are rendered and exported through an almost hidden container). http://igcomm.com/show/hacks/flash/export/splitchart-n-export/ NOTE: This will work only for Flash charts and only using client-side export mechanism.
  16. Multiple Graph Images From The Save Chart

    Here, make sure you run the sample from a server or have your Flash Player Global Security settings done. And do never run in Chrome from local file system, Chrome's latest inbuilt Flash Player does not support adding of trusted local folders and files through the Flash Player Global Seettings
  17. Multiple Graph Images From The Save Chart

    I also have the same view of splitting the chart's data into multiple charts and export them all. However, saving all charts into one single image file is not possible through server side export. You can however, do this easily using our client side export handler (in case you are using Flash charts). I have created a simple example to showcase this. Please find the attached example. Though a bit crudely coded (I really wished to achieved this as fast as possible) and with little aesthetics - just to focus on the main implementation - a ) the example shows a single series column 2D chart with 60 columns. I split the chart into many using a maximum of 15 column each (you can also configure this number through the code) c) Also added an export component in batch mode. e) There is an HTML button to initiate export which calls a JS function f) The function first caches the existing chart and then takes its data and split the data into many split charts - here 4 charts with #n (split number) added to the caption for indentification. Meanwhile the original/cached chart is removed from the page g) The split charts after rendering will get exported h) Once all split charts are exported, these are removed and the original/cached chart is rendered back in the page. The first view may be jerky - but the idea can be further polished to a great extent to stop all the jerks. Hope this can flare up better implementation. Happy FusionCharting! splitchart-n-export.zip
  18. Update Column3D Graph On The Fly

    Hi, You can not push data to charts whenever updated. However, using JavaScript timer and AJAX, you can keep checking from the server if data has been updated and once confirmed, you can use setXMLUrl or similar function to update chart's data.
  19. Real Time With Json Updates

    Glad to know
  20. Runtime Error Displaying The Graph

    Hi missy786, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum If this line: Set oRs = oConnection.Execute(strQuery) where you are getting the error, it seems that your ADO connection has not yet been established or you have created a wrong SQL query. Probably, you are trying to use your own database and tables where as you might have connected to a different database (FusionCharts db may be). Please check and modify DBConn.asp where you need to define your connection. Also, this seems to be an issue with ASP and ADO. You can also check with external Classic ASP forums to get more help on the ASP related runtime error.
  21. Hi mimsc, We had located an issue related to setting background color of chart messages. We will fix this in the next release. But, as a work-around, till the next release, you can add a line of code along with your code (you sent in your last post) : myChart.setTransparent(true); before, you call .render(...) Can you please try this once and let us know?
  22. Real Time With Json Updates

    Hi, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum ! You can not feed JSON values as realtime update. However, you can make use of a number of JavaScript functions to update data of the angular gauge. For example, you may use feedData function that takes a string to update chart gauge. The format of the string is same as the output expected from a realtime data streaming URL i.e., querystring format. Example: myGauge.feedData("&value=10"); The other API s are (name and parameters): a) setData(dialIndex, value) setDataForId(dialId, value) A complete list of APIs: http://docs.fusioncharts.com/widgets/?Angular/JSAPI.html More examples: http://docs.fusioncharts.com/widgets/?JavaScript/JS_ChangeData.html#rt The gauge in this example makes use of feedData function.
  23. Different Color Bars In The Same Series

    Hi, For this you can set color attribute for each <set> element in your XML. For example: <chart> <categories> <category label='Jan' /> <category label='Feb' /> <category label='Mar' /> </categories> <dataset> <set value='27400' color='FF0000' /> <set value='29800' color='00FF00' /> <set value='25800' color='0000FF' /> </dataset> </chart>
  24. Sum In Stacked Column Chart Collides With Border

    Hi, You can set a greater yAxisMaxValue e.g., 1800000 for the chart shown in your attached image.
  25. 100Percent Stacked Colum Chart - Auto Adjusting Its Values

    Hi Sundhar, For your data the chart forms a ratio 100:102 and percentage of each value scales to this factor. 100% Stacked Column chart represents numbers in percentage where each column is 100% and all the stacked segments of that column compose to 100% or all values of the column sums up to form 100%. The most important thing is - you are not required to provide your values in percentage. The chart will always represent the percentage share of each value with respect to the column it is in. You can imagine each column to be a pie chart flattened into columns and each value on that column a slice of the pie - thus each column of the chart is a different pie chart. Consider these values provided for a single column of a 100% stacked chart: 15,30,5 The column will show the percentage equivalent - 30%, 60% and 10% (all totaling to 100%) In simple arithmetic the formula can be - value/totalOfValues * 100 Now, if you change the values to: 15,30,6 The newly calculated percentage values will be [15/(15+30+6)*100], [30/(15+30+6)*100], [6/(15+30+6)*100] that is - ~29.41%, ~58.82%, ~11.77%. You can see that the percentage share of each value has changed. In your case, the chart fits all the values of the column following this proportion: 102:100::