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  1. FusionCharts real time update

    hi, We are afraid, this feature is not yet supported.
  2. Using the character '+' in chart labels

    hi, did you try using %2B ?
  3. ChartBorder still visible when not wanted

    hi, Use showBorder='0'
  4. putting tabular matter inside a marker

    hi, Check the attached XML out in a work map. OfficeLocations.xml
  5. Relative width with bar chart

    hi, I am afraid FusionCharts,as fo now, does nto supprot this.
  6. Multiple Pie3D charts

    hi, It might be that you have not added/included FusionCharts.js script in <script> tag in the HTML - HEAD part of your aspx file.
  7. Hiding the legend

    Pleaes use showLegend='0'
  8. Overriding markerBgColor in toolTip and Marker

    hi, I am afraid you cannot do this
  9. Tracking click events with Google Analytics

    hi, You need to provide only 1 link to a task. Either the URL or Javascript functions. You can go for either of the 2 options. 1. use the link to call 1 javascript function and 1 JS command : The first - tracking to GA, Second calling the ASP file. link='GATracker('YOURGAID' );location.href='/search.asp?dep_date=1/09/2008&region=1' ' 2. Write the JS for GA in the Search.asp file so that when ever it it called it will execute GA Tracking.
  10. Tracking click events with Google Analytics

    hi, Thanks for using FusionCharts. You can always call a JavaScirpt function from links.. say, link='GATracker('YOURGAID')' **YOURGAID = the ID that GA gives to a page : e.g.UA-1644710-1 This will call a JS function on your HTML page (you need to write the function ... <script type="text/javascript"> var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "google-analytics.com/ga.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); </script> <script type="text/javascript"> function GATracker(GAID){ var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker(GAID); pageTracker._initData(); pageTracker._trackPageview(); } </script> Now, make use of the link in your Chart XML and you will find GA receiving Data
  11. Samples for VWD 2008 ASP.net 3.5

    Hi, You can always use the existing ASP.NET 2.0 samples for ASP.NET 3.5 too. We are doing some R&D on ASP.NET 3.5. Would you please like to help us, pointing the new featues of ASP.NET 3.5 that you would like to be implemented.
  12. Overriding markerBgColor in toolTip and Marker

    hi, Try this : <map markerBorderColor='000000' markerBgColor='ff0000' showMarkerToolTip='1' > <data> </data> <markers> <definition> <marker id='01' x='386.02' y='264' label='InfosoftGlobal' /> <marker id='02' x='533.02' y='171' label='FusionCharts' /> </definition> <shapes> <shape id='s1' type='polygon' sides='4' fillColor='0000ff' radius='20' startAngle='90'/> <shape id='s2' type='polygon' sides='4' fillColor='00ff00' radius='20'/> </shapes> <application> <marker id='01' shapeId='s1' /> <marker id='02' shapeId='s2' /> </application> </markers> </map>
  13. How use sql to generate stacked chart by php

    Hi, Can you please go thorugh this post : http://www.fusioncharts.com/forum/FindPost3936.aspx
  14. The bar-graphs color currently fade to white through the bar.

    hi, please use plotFillRatio='100,0' to give a mono colors to the dataplots.
  15. Plotting trendlines on XY scatter chart

    hi, You can do this by defining different startValue and endValue.
  16. putting tabular matter inside a marker

    hi, In the Office Localtion Example from Maps Gallery you can get the XML that shows how to use multiline in marker tooltips. Apply the same to marker labels.The idea is set the font style's property isHTML='1' and use this font style to markerlabels and use <BR> (i.e. HTML <BR>) for line break in markerlabels. For tabs please use
  17. Making a fixed Canvas Width? Possible?

    hi, I am afraid this is not supproted as of now.
  18. HTML tags characters appearing "literally" in toolText

    hi, Can you please try adding a font style for TOOLTIP and in that style definition add isHTML='1'?
  19. AJAX 'Zoom' Demo

    hi, The demo is not documented. It uses features like link attribute of map XML and Reloading the map using JavaSCript in a separate DIV which animates/zooms in and out. This is a mere showcasing of some of the features of FusionMaps.
  20. Line breaks

    hi, You can try labelDisplay='WRAP'
  21. A variation of the FusionCharts and Javascript Example

    Hi, yes, you can do this easily writing some extra lines of Javascript codes and this wont need AJAX. You need to use javascript to define a new FusionCharts with new SWF name and set the dataXML/dataURL and render it to the same div containing the earlier chart.
  22. which type should I use?

    hi, YOu need to build XML for the charts/maps/gadgets retrieving data from your database using ASP.NET or PHP or whichever suits you and pass the XML to the chart/map/gadgets. Hence its upto you to decide.
  23. saving images

    hi hayde, We are afraid that was a bug in Pie3D and doughnut charts and we have resolved that and soon going for an new minor release with the updated charts. You can also send your customer ID and email to us at [email protected] for the updated charts.
  24. setDataXML vs. setDataURL issue

    hi, please do not use vbCrLf nay where when you use dataXML.Because that will terminate the string in javaScript and if you turn on the SCript Debugging in IE or see Error Console in Firefox etc. you will find the error : Unterminated String Cionstant.
  25. Supplied JavaScript Example does not work

    hi, Can you plase try running from a server? Secondly you need to track first whther the chart has been fully loaded or not before using setDataXML/setDataURL. You can track this using FC_Rendered(domId) function which is called whenever the chart is fully rendered (you need to set registerWithJS option to 1)