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  1. [V3 to V3.0.5] Nothing is displayed anymore

    hi halbertn, Please refer to the post for your solution :http://www.fusioncharts.com/forum/Topic3730-27-1.aspx
  2. Help: Eval version works, but retail version does not

    hi, I have gone through the folder where you have uploaded the chart SWF files (Charts folder)and found that some of the charts (like Column3D.swf, bar2D.swf etc.) are not porperly uploaded to the server. They are showing just 1kb of data. While checking some other swf files like Area2D.swf and Pie2D.swf they seem ok and working. Can you please delete all charts from that folder once and re-upload them once again? It will work out.
  3. [V3 to V3.0.5] Nothing is displayed anymore

    hi, It seems that the path for the chart SWF that you are specifying is not correct. Please recheck whether the relative path is ok.
  4. Example (Code) for Charts using AJAX

    hi, This can be achieved using AJAX. But, may be, that would confuse you more. YOu can just use simple JS to imlpement this. I am saying this because you have no need to use AJAX backbone to fetch XML for the chart. FusionCharts' charts has the capability to dynamically fetch XML data from a server side script or any XML source without page refresh. You just need to specify the datURL path from where the XML is to be fetched. Still, you can provide us the structure (i mean a more details) of the application AJAX+PHP+FusionCharts and we can try providing you the solution.
  5. Possible bug in Real-Time Charts

    Hi, DID you try URLEcodin the link?
  6. Request for simple PHP/MySQL example

    Hi, try this: //Before this insert your code to connect to database (MySQL) = $link $strQuery = "SELECT COUNT(evt_time_generated) as Count, evt_computer FROM eventlog.log_alerts group by evt_computer"; $result = mysql_query($strQuery) or die(mysql_error()); //generating XML for Chart $strXML = "<graph>"; if ($result) { while($ors = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { $strXML .= "<set name='" . $ors['evt_computer'] . "' value='" . $ors['Count'] . "' />"; } mysql_close($link); $strXML .= "</graph>"; //Create the chart echo renderChart("Column3D.swf", "", $strXML, "ChartId", 650, 450, false, false);
  7. Help: Eval version works, but retail version does not

    Do you get "movie no loaded..." when right clickin on the blank while space where the chart is to appear? If so can you please check the path that you are speciying for the chart? Whether it is correct or not.
  8. Error on Links in pop-up windows in IE6 and IE7 when using FusionMaps

    Did you try setting off the popup blocker?
  9. setDataXML method bug

    hi, Thanks for pointing this out. Can you please try the new FusionCharts.js (for v3 charts) that i attach here and try again. I have put a fix for the issue. We will release the JS in our next release. NOTE : Please rename the attached FusionCharts.js.txt to FusionCharts.js FusionCharts.js.txt
  10. Fusion Maps country, region codes

    hi, You can also find a javaScript Map Specification CSV generator GUI for each map SWF from http://www.fusioncharts.com/forum/Topic3133-11-1.aspx
  11. please help

    hi, Can you please check whether the newly modified data is actually updating your database and not appending as a new record. I fear its creating a new record, hence, a new chart dataplot.
  12. Possible bug in Real-Time Charts

    Hi, Could you please get us the XML that PHP is rendering? That might help handling the issue. Could you please also specify whether you are using dataXML or dataURL method.
  13. Out of memory error multiple charts

    hi, can you please try using our latest FusionCharts.js and the charts updated in version 3.0.5. Morreover you can try updating the Flash Player.
  14. Multi-series Column 3D Chart and PHP

    HI, You can go throught a small PHP (with Array) example on how to create a Multi-series chart in the Documentaion as well as in CODE samples. I hope that will help you out. http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/PHP_Array.html in section : Guide for Web Developers> Using With PHP > Charting Data from Array Moreover let me tell you, its only the XML structure and the chart SWF file name thats needed to be chaged to fuifil your wishes. You can go through the XML structure of the MS Column 3D chart for more details on how you will build it. http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/MultiSeries.html in section : FusionCharts and XML > MultiSeries XML http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/ChartSS/MSColumn3D.html in section : Chart XML Reference > Multi-Series Charts > Multiseries Column 3D chart >
  15. FusionCharts v3 Evaluation and UTF-8 Problem

    hi, can you try adding the 3 BOM bytes (0xef,0xbb,0xbf) at the beginning of the XML stream.
  16. Can't make it run

    Hi, You can upgrade to the latest minor release 3.0.5 which contain more ASP.NET 2.0 samples and a new assembly FusionCharts.dll with new features.
  17. Can't make it run

    Hi, IT seem that there is a problem in the path you are using : ../FusionCharts/Column3D.swf ../Data/Data.xml According to your snaphot of the Folder structure, these must be : FusionCharts/Column3D.swf Data/Data.xml
  18. setTreshold problem

    hi, You must wait tilll the chart gets loaded by trapping FC_Rendered event. When the chart gets rendered (and registerWithJS is set on ) it fires up the JavaScript function FC_Rendered(DomId). After this you can update the chart.
  19. y axis divider line in scatter chart

    HI, FusionCharts automatically tries to adjust divisional lines based on the data provided. However, if you want to set number of divisional lines, first set adjustDiv='0' . That would disable automatic adjustment of divisional lines. Now. You can set the number of divisional lines using numDivLines, say, numDivLines='10'
  20. Alerts do not work

    Hi, It might be that you are not using any dataStreaming URL to provide data to the chart. Its defined in the XML but i could not find it in the URL u sent. Can you please create an asp page (CUPData.asp) and use this code there to stream data to the chart? It will work every 3 seconds as defined in the XML.
  21. Fusion Chart Cannot Render

    hi, The entire code would be preferable since there might be some issues nudging in the code itself.
  22. Hi, Currently you can apply color to lines using addChartData() function in line charts. Try this code: <?php # Include FusionCharts PHP Class include('../Class/FusionCharts_Gen.php'); # Create Create Column3D chart Object $FC = new FusionCharts("Line","300","250"); # set the relative path of the swf file $FC->setSWFPath("../FusionCharts/"); # Set chart attributes $strParam="caption=Weekly Sales;xAxisName=Week;yAxisName=Revenue;numberPrefix=$;decimalPrecision=0;anchorBorderColor=ff0000"; $FC->setChartParams($strParam); # add chart values and category names $FC->addChartData("40800","name=Week 1;color=ff0000"); $FC->addChartData("31400","name=Week 2;color=ff0000"); $FC->addChartData("26700","name=Week 3;color=ff0000"); $FC->addChartData("54400","name=Week 4;color=ff0000"); ?>
  23. Alerts do not work

    Hi, Can you please try running the solution from a server, say IIS or apache etc.
  24. LINK attribute in Drag-Node chart node working

    Hi, The example was made such that the dragging is activated and links to be activated by right clicking. You can do the opposite by changing the XML of the chart. You can always use links to JavaScript for AJAX calls.
  25. LINK attribute in Drag-Node chart node working

    hi, Right click on the chart to Enable Link from the context menu (right click menu).