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  1. Using Palettes

    Hi, Palette basically sets the color theme of a chart which does not include the dataplot's colors. This is more visible in the 2D charts.
  2. label option for text, not values

    hi, we are afraid this is not possible using FusionCharts, as of now. FusionGadgets offer similar text annotations.
  3. encoding issue

    hi, you need to use %26paos; . %27 is converted to ' when the XML is parsed and hence there is validation issue, where as %26apos; is converted by our chart from the XML attribute and show as '
  4. Scatter.swf having problems

    Hi, Try adding adjustDiv='0' in <chart> element.
  5. Chart stretching to full width and height

    Hi, are you using FusionCharts JavaScript Embedding Method to embed the chart or using plain HTML to embed it?
  6. XML external call FusionChart in a Flash Movie

    Hi, can you please try this?
  7. Regarding Select Scatter chart( Powercharts V3)

    Hi, Here is a solution that you can try. We are keeping the data in XML format. You can use AJAX to retrieve XML data from XML file/stream if you wish not to hardcode the main XML.
  8. Chart is not displaying

    hi, As i go through your code i feel to focus on some pointers below : 1. Please verify the path of the chart SWF files used given in createChartHTML method and in the <object> tag... though i personally feel that defining the chart again with <object> is unnecessary as you are already creating it using createChartHTML. 2. in the method createChartHTML please specify the strXML in the next parameter...i.e. createChartHTML("./FusionCharts/Column2D.swf","",strXML, "Surgery",600,300,false); Syntax: createChartHTML(String SWFnameWithPath, String dataURLPath(URLEncoded), String dataXML, String ChartId ,int width,int height,boolean debugMode);
  9. "No data to display" Message - Can I change this?

    hi,use &ChartNoDataText while providing the chart swf name. "Column2D.swf?ChartNoDataText=Please select a record above"
  10. Whole number in y-axis

    hi, add formatNumberScale='0' to <chart> element to get your desired result
  11. Line charts: some segments dashed?

    hi, The first value which is set to dashed will draw a line from that point (anchor) until the next value is reached..i.e. next anchor..showing the next value. Hence the the last value with a dashed='1' option is useless. Thats the trick.
  12. Line charts: some segments dashed?

    Hi, please use Dashed='1' in SET element to show dashed line
  13. Maps Demo - County Coloring

    Hi, Make sure of the internal ID that you are using. Try putting some value also to see if the value is shown on that entity. <entity id='FI' color='ff0000' value='100'/> Current Alaska map (FCMap_Alaska.swf) has internal ids roughly ranging from as numbers 013, 016...290. Please refer to the map's specification in the Documentaion fto know the accurate internal id of the entity.
  14. FusionChart in VB.Net Windows Application

    Hi, please see the similar post here : http://www.fusioncharts.com/forum/Topic3219-44-1.aspx
  15. changing colors / using palettes

    you can use say, color='ff0000' in <set> element to specify any color you wish.. say, <set value='10' label='Thriller' color='dd0000' />
  16. Ability to add state values to a chart

    Hi, we cant see the image...
  17. Simple PHP + MsSQL

    Hi, Here are few samples on using FusionCharts PHP & MSSQL. The database - factoryDB is includeed as SQL dump in DB folder.. please make sure to edit DBConn.php and set your own MSSQL host name, username and password. PHPMSSQL.zip
  18. using $strXML not working

    HI, Can you please try replacing the &lt with < and &gt with > as normal XML would be...that will do the trick..
  19. Category width in Gantt Chart

    Hi, it seems some tweaking in the XML will do.
  20. CSV file of Specification Sheets

    Sorry i forgot to add the post URL s: HEre they go http://www.fusioncharts.com/forum/Topic3133-11-1.aspx http://www.fusioncharts.com/forum/Topic3134-11-1.aspx
  21. HI all, Here is a small application that will help you Generate Map Specification Sheet for a map after selecting from a dropdown box and get the csv in a textarea. You can copy the CSV save in a text file you wish and import in databases or other places as you wish. FusionMapsSS_CSV.zip
  22. CSV file of Specification Sheets

    Hi, we have created a small client side program to generate CSV for map specification. PLease read the posting ...
  23. two questions before buying

    Hi, 1. The query string variables passed has not limit. Just you need to URLEncode the whole URL bofre passing...e.g. "Data.php?a=10&b=20&c=11&d=13" will be passed after urlencode ("Data.php?a=10&b=20&c=11&d=13"); 2. FusionCharts allows you to use multi-lingual (UTF-8) characters on the charts...you necessarily need to use dataURL method...make sure that your XML has a BOM mark that specifies UTF8 charset?
  24. Chart does not display

    Hi, To show Unicoded characters you need to set character encoding type to UTF-8..or having proper BOM mark I have saved your XML thus and please try it.. Data.xml
  25. using $strXML not working

    Hi, I have tried your code in a php file and its working properly... <HTML><HEAD> <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="FusionCharts.js"></script> </HEAD> <body> <?php include("FusionCharts.php"); $strXML="<chart palette='4' caption='Bruto inkomen' subcaption='overlijden relatie' xAxisName='jaar' yAxisName='bruto inkomen' numberPrefix='