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  1. Links Not Working In Linked Chart Rendered Using Flash

    Hi, If it is only in Windows Chorme, it is possibly due to PPAPI type of Flash Player Chrome has introduced which does not allow communication between Flash and JavaScript. Can you please check: http://forum.fusioncharts.com/topic/12418-runtime-exception-unable-to-find-the-container-dom-element/
  2. Getting Updated Data In Dragline.swf

    Hi, For all the drag charts, you can get the updated XML using passing true as a parameter to the getXMLData function. Example: var updatedxml = myChart.getXMLData(true); Can you please check once? Also, can you please tell whether you are using Flash chart or JavaScript Chart and the version of the chart you are using. Also, are you trying to example from local file system or from a web server? From our tests getDataWithId seems to work fine. Perhaps the section of the code where you are using it may help debug further. Mostly you need to check if you are using correct chart's reference.
  3. Runtime Exception - Unable To Find The Container Dom Element

    Hi Micheal, The issue seems to be a bit tricky as your web server example is working fine (without run-time exception etc.) at our end. However, I find that you are using a bit older version of FusionCharts.js and would recommend to update to the latest version (I guess that would be free upgrade) which has various issues fixed. Yet, before that I am attaching here the Trial version of the latest JavaScript files which you may try replacing once and check. Also, will it be possible for you to test the sample (with your data and latest Trial FusionCharts.js) that I attach here? Also, the web server code you sent seems to be gathered from a part of a UI (and possibly from a browser's view source or through DOM inspection) which has dependency on other framework. In case you are generating FusionCharts using a wrapper library, we also need to check the chart rendering server side code. You may replace the data and all proprietary items with stubs. LinkedCharts.zip
  4. Linked Charts Batch Export Help

    Hi, In case you need to export all the visible charts present in a page irrespective of whether they are linked-child charts or not, you can achieve this using the following code: for (var chartItem in FusionCharts.items) { if (FusionCharts.items[chartItem] && FusionCharts.items[chartItem].isActive() && FusionCharts.items[chartItem].exportChart) { FusionCharts.items[chartItem].exportChart(); } } NOTE: FusionCharts.items returns an Object containing the reference of all the charts (visible or invisible) present in the page. The keys of this object contains the chart IDs. The if expression evaluator first checks whether any object related to that chartID exists Next it checks whether the chart is rendered and visible through - isActive() as it returns false when a chart is hidden. Next it checks if exportChart function is available. IMPORTANT: Each of the charts that you want to export must be configured through XML/JSON to enable export (using exportEnabled, exportHandler and exportAtClient attributes).
  5. Runtime Exception - Unable To Find The Container Dom Element

    Hi Michael, For sometime, Chrome is internally updating it's own Flash player and after a small investigation, I find that chrome's Flash Player is storing the Global Security settings separately. Again, when I tried to configure Chrome-Flash-Player's Global Security Settings, it seems to be not responsive enough to include the paths and directories containing the SWF files. This is just for your information, by "not responsive enough", I mean - I am unable to include a folder as trusted location. Even, after I added the SWF files individually in the trusted location, this Flash Player does not seem to trust them and thus not allowing any communication between JavaScript and the SWF. Hence, this. I guess, we need to report this to Chorme. Meanwhile, since you need to test this locally, I can suggest you a work-around - disable the Chrome's native Flash Player (PepperFlash) and enable the system's Flash Player (or Chrome's secondary Flash Player !! - if available) STEPS: 1. Open chrome://plugins/ in Chorme (write chrome://plugins/ in Chorme's Address bar and press Enter) This will give you a list of Plugins installed for Chrome 2. Go to the section which lists Flash or Shockwave Flash You are likely to find 2 or 3 Flash Player Plugins installed and probably one of them is disabled. In my machine I find these 3 listed: A. Shockwave Flash Description: Shockwave Flash 11.3 r31 Version: Location: C:\Users\sudipto.choudhury\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\21.0.1180.83\PepperFlash\pepflashplayer.dll Type: PPAPI (out-of-process) B. Name: Shockwave Flash Description: Shockwave Flash 11.3 r300 Version: 11,3,300,271 Location: C:\Users\sudipto.choudhury\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\21.0.1180.83\gcswf32.dll Type: NPAPI C. Name: Shockwave Flash Description: Shockwave Flash 11.2 r202 Version: 11,2,202,235 Location: C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\NPSWF32_11_2_202_235.dll Type: NPAPI The first one is likely to remain enabled and that is the Chrome's new generation PepperFlash plugin and causing this issue. 3. Click "Disable" link present below the description of the plugin which has the PepperFlash with DLL named pepflashplayer.dll. 4. If required Enable the rest or any of the of the Shockwave Flash Plugins For example, I enable the plugin for AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\21.0.1180.83\gcswf32.dll Once done, please reload the sample and try again.
  6. Javascript Chart

    Hi Badri, Yes, absolutely. JavaScript rendering of charts is supported since version 3.2.0. The latest version of FusionCharts XT is 3.2.2 (Service Release 4) and it supports JavaScript rendering too.
  7. On Link Clicked

    Hi, All the interactivity that happens when you click on the columns happen at client-side. However, you seem to have the need to call a server side script to execute a Java function. Although there is no direct way to do this, you can try a work around considering you have a URL to call to achieve the same: a) You can either call up the URL in a popup or new window or You can call a JavaScript function from the link and then use AJAX to call the URL or the remote procedure.
  8. Multiple Series In Single Y-Axis

    Hi, The best option is of course to use the CandleStick chart itself and consider the trendsets. The candlestick chart is ideal to show open, high, low, and close values as well as volume amount. The other option where you use a combination chart, would be cumbersome,as it requires the mapping with data points with labels. But, here you can skip the data labels either setting showLabels='0' in <chart> and using showLabel='1' in <category> where needed. or using labelStep attribute.
  9. Problem With Drill Down Of Charts

    Hi, This should work from web server too as there is no similar restriction for web server. Can you please check if there exists any other JavaScript error in the page which may be stopping code execution as a whole?
  10. Problem With Drill Down Of Charts

    Hi Priynaka, Are you running the program from local filesystem? If so, can you please try once running it from a web server? If it is working from a web server, you need to setup Flash Player Global Security settings to enable Flash to JavaScript communication (and vice versa). The j- actually works when this communication is enabled. Also, please check if you have enabled registerWithJS when you render the chart.
  11. Gantt Chart Date Wrongly Displayed

    Hi, As of now, you can not use a date in <task> which is beyond the limit of the date set by categories. In your XML , you have defined a task which starts on 6/10/2011 <task processId="1110" start="6/10/2012" end="25/10/2012" Id="11" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="60"/> Hence, this. I have modified the XML for you to test: Also, one category for Devember is missing. I have also added that in the XML. <category start="01/12/2012" end="31/12/2012" label="DEC 2012"/> Please try this: <chart manageResize="1" dateFormat="dd/mm/yyyy" ganttWidthPercent="70" gridBorderAlpha="0" showTaskNames="1" paletteThemeColor="453269"> <categories> <category start="01/01/2012" end="31/12/2012" label="Months" isBold="1" align="center"/> </categories> <categories> <category start="01/01/2012" end="31/01/2012" label="JAN 2012"/> <category start="01/02/2012" end="29/02/2012" label="FEB 2012"/> <category start="01/03/2012" end="31/03/2012" label="MAR 2012"/> <category start="01/04/2012" end="30/04/2012" label="APR 2012"/> <category start="01/05/2012" end="31/05/2012" label="MAY 2012"/> <category start="01/06/2012" end="30/06/2012" label="JUN 2012"/> <category start="01/07/2012" end="31/07/2012" label="JUL 2012"/> <category start="01/08/2012" end="31/08/2012" label="AUG 2012"/> <category start="01/09/2012" end="30/09/2012" label="SEP 2012"/> <category start="01/10/2012" end="31/10/2012" label="OCT 2012"/> <category start="01/11/2012" end="30/11/2012" label="NOV 2012"/> <category start="01/12/2012" end="31/12/2012" label="DEC 2012"/> </categories> <processes align="left" headerFontSize="16" isBold="1" headerText="Projects" headerAlign="left"> <process Name="Project 1" id="815"/> <process Name="Project 2" id="818"/> <process Name="Project 3" id="929"/> <process Name="Project 4" id="935"/> <process Name="Project 5" id="985"/> <process Name="Project 6" id="1010"/> <process Name="Project 7" id="1011"/> <process Name="Project 8" id="1048"/> <process Name="Project 9" id="1073"/> <process Name="Project 10" id="1100"/> <process Name="Project 11" id="1110"/> <process Name="Project 12" id="1113"/> </processes> <tasks> <task processId="815" start="05/02/2012" end="20/05/2012" Id="1" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="90"/> <task processId="818" start="29/01/2012" end="16/09/2012" Id="2" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="35"/> <task processId="929" start="12/01/2012" end="30/09/2012" Id="3" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="65"/> <task processId="935" start="19/02/2012" end="29/07/2012" Id="4" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="98"/> <task processId="985" start="5/02/2012" end="15/08/2012" Id="5" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="57"/> <task processId="1010" start="8/04/2012" end="01/11/2012" Id="6" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="33"/> <task processId="1011" start="8/04/2012" end="04/10/2012" Id="7" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="30"/> <task processId="1048" start="14/05/2012" end="16/08/2012" Id="8" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="90"/> <task processId="1073" start="23/05/2012" end="30/08/2012" Id="9" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="50"/> <task processId="1100" start="2/05/2012" end="27/09/2012" Id="10" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="39"/> <task processId="1110" start="6/10/2012" end="25/10/2012" Id="11" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="60"/> <task processId="1113" start="10/05/2012" end="27/09/2012" Id="12" color="4567AA" height="25%" percentComplete="37"/> </tasks> </chart>
  12. Hi, The issue regarding "The attribute "visibility" represents an invalid CSS value ("")." has already been fixed in the latest release as I mentioned - FusionCharts XT is 3.2.2 Service Release 4 (released on 6 August 2012). However, if you are still facing issues, can you please send us the SVG data that is getting posted to the index.php? You can easily do this by doing a var_dump
  13. Multiple Series In Single Y-Axis

    Hey, You have not rendered a combination chart at all, as the code shows you asked to render "MSColumn2D". Use "MSCombi2D" instead.
  14. Multiple Series In Single Y-Axis

    Yes of-course, try Combination 2D chart. For more on this chart read: http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/?ChartSS/Combi2D.html
  15. Problem With Drill Down Of Charts

    Hi, Is it "Javascript:get()" or any thing else you are passing as parameter? In case it is only, get() that you are calling, can you please try once with "j-get-void" and let us know.
  16. Gantt Chart onClick event?

    Hye john, It seems you are running the example from a local file system where your browser shows file:/// in the address bar or drive:\path formats in the address bar. If this be the case, you can try once running the example from a web server - remote or local (like IIS, APACHE, WAMP, MAMA etc.)
  17. I Wonder How To Change X Axix Font Rotation.

    Hi, Can you try once using labelDisplay='none' ?
  18. Links Not Working In Linked Chart Rendered Using Flash

    Hi HKA, Can you please try from this link once? http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/Code/MyFirstChart/linked-charts.html
  19. Hi Venkat, Are you using Internet Explorer? If so, can you please try once using some other browser like Firefox and Chrome? Also, can you please check if you have the latest FusionCharts JavaScript class files? The latest release of FusionCharts XT is 3.2.2 Service Release 4 (released on 6 August 2012) which contains a number of fixes.
  20. Problem With Drill Down Of Charts

    Hi, Can you please make sure that the verion of the chart which are using actually support j- format? You can try with a very basic XML given in our Documentation. Once you confirm, please check that j- is calling the required function. Next, check that the function is correctly recognizing (and then taking action based on the value of the parameter) the parameter you are passing. Please note that the way parameters are passed through j- is vastly different from the way these are passed through the use of JavaScript : . Through j-, a single parameter is passed and as String. So, if you are deciding some action based on the value of the parameter (which you check through evaluating the parameter), please check whether your the result of the evaluation is not the same as expected (as the type of the parameter is always String)
  21. Removing The Print Button

    Hi, You can actually show 2 general buttons on the JavaScript charts. One is to 'print', to a printer, the chart and the other is to 'export' the chart as JPG/PNG/PDF/SVG. If you have the latest FusionCharts XT (which is version 3.2.2 Service Release 4, released on 6 August, 2012), you will find that you can use the following 2 attributes to show and hide the above mentioned buttons: showPrintMenuItem: Set it to 0 to hide the 'print' button. exportShowMenuItem: Set it to 0 to hide the 'export' button. Example XML for Pie chart: <chart caption='Company Revenue' exportEnabled='1' showPrintMenuItem='0' exportShowMenuItem='0'> <set label='Services' value='26' /> <set label='Hardware' value='32' /> <set label='Software' value='42' /> </chart>
  22. Apostrophe Issue

    Hi Anurag, Will it be possible for you to share a scaled down working project (with minimum dependency like use of database etc.) with me (attach here as a zip file) to showcase the issue? Since I am unable to replicate this at our end, I am interested to test your implementation to get the issue replicated.
  23. Side by Side Charts

    Hi, Yes it is possible. a) Side-by-side rendering of charts in iOS (and any other platform/device) is possible with correct HTML elements (like inside <span>) and CSS ( like using display:inline) is possible. Example, please try an example from here in your iOS device as well as in any desktop browser. b ) The charts render using Flash in Desktop browsers and in browsers that have Flash Player support. The charts render using JavaScript in browsers that do not support Flash Player or that do not have Flash Player or have Flash Player disabled c) You do not need to write any extra code to achieve b ). FusionCharts automatically does it for you. So, you retain the same code. You can read more on this from the following links: i ) http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/?FirstChart/FirstChart.html#how_it_works (check the highlighted section with title: "What happens if Flash player is not available?" ) ii ) http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/?Introduction/Upgrading32.html#ipad iii ) http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/?FirstChart/UsingPureJS.html Hope this helps.
  24. Apostrophe Issue

    Hi Anurag, Are you getting the chart rendering code through AJAX?
  25. Apostrophe Issue

    HI Anurag, None of our ASP Class code converts & to & Our code converts & to %26 Can you please check if anything from your side is causing this?