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  1. Apostrophe Issue

    Hi Anurag, Can you please try once using the files from the latest release - FusionCharts XT SR4 ? My quick tests with FusionCharts XT SR4 could not replicate your issue. Also, the code that you have sent is too little to understand your complete implementation scenario. Will it be possible to do a View Source from the browser and show me the generated HTML and JavaScript for this chart? You will find that the ASP Class has actually generated a <DIV> element and a <script> element that will contains JavaScript to generate chart (along with your data).
  2. Apostrophe Issue

    Hi Anurag, Apologies for the delay. Is there a way, through which you can post here the part of the code where you are adding the apostrophe? Also, please please let me know if you are using FusionCharts XT Service Release 4 (the latest release)? Meanwhile, I will do some testing myself and let you know?
  3. Bgalpha Broken In Ie

    Hi, Can you check which Flash Player version you have for Internet Explore? You can check using http://playerversion.com/ and if it has an update, can you please try once updating? There was a bug with the Flash Player in older version which used to show black background instead of transparent background.
  4. Chrome Refuses Exportchart()

    Hi, Is you application running from a Web server and the URL to the ExportHandler lies in the same domain?
  5. Showing Markers On Mscombi3D.swf

    Hi, As of now, showing of dots or markers (anchors) in Flash True 3D chart is not possible.
  6. How To Checks Whether A Fusioncharts Flash Is Unload

    Hi, Since I do not know what chart type you are rendering, I am putting up a generic example. This example does the following: Renders a Column 3D chart. When it is disposed clicking "Unload Chart" button the 'disposed' event is listened. An alert is shown through the event listener function stating that the chart is unloaded. <div id="chartContainer">FusionCharts will load here!</div> <script type="text/javascript"><!-- var myChart = new FusionCharts( ".../Charts/Column3D.swf", "myChartId", "400", "300", "0"); myChart.setXMLData('<chart caption="Weekly Sales Summary" xAxisName="Week" yAxisName="Sales" numberPrefix="$"><set label="Week 1" value="14400" /><set label="Week 2" value="19600" /><set label="Week 3" value="24000" /><set label="Week 4" value="15700" /></chart>'); myChart.render("chartContainer"); FusionCharts.addEventListener ( "Disposed", function (identifier, parameter) { alert("Your chart with ID: " + identifier.sender.id + " has been unloaded."); }); </script> <input onClick=" myChart.dispose();" value="Unload Chart" type="button"/> You can learn more on how to use FusionCharts events from http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/?JavaScript/JS_EventOverview.html and you can get the list of available events from http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/?JavaScript/API/Events.html
  7. Apostrophe Issue

    Hi, Is there a possibility that the ' is getting encoded again through any of your code? Also, please let us know if you are using ASP Class or PHP Class from FusionCharts XT pack to render the chart.
  8. Anchor Bg Auto Fill Will Colour

    Hi, I am afraid, as of now, you can not set automatic and thematic background color for anchor background.
  9. How To Checks Whether A Fusioncharts Flash Is Unload

    Hi, You can check with the dispose event.
  10. Literal Is Not Declared

    Hi, Can you please try once running the example given in the FusionCharts XT download pack's Code > VB_NET > ArrayExample > SingleSeries.aspx ? Also, if possible, can you attach here a scaled down version of the code you are trying?
  11. Literal Is Not Declared

    Hi, Does your page contain a Literal Control declared ? <asp:Literal ID="Literal1" runat="server"></asp:Literal>
  12. Fusion Chart Java Script Error With Ie7 (Operation Aborted)

    Hi, Will it be possible for you to preload FusionCharts.js in the <head> section of your webpage?
  13. Which Chart To Use

    Hi, Possibly, this is due to the chart ID which you are passing : Call renderChart("MSCombiDY2D.swf","", strCategory,"Blood Pressure",800,600) Can you please try once setting the id without any space (also avoid not starting with a number)? In short the ID is better named using variable naming conventions. Hope this helps.
  14. Where Can I Get The Js Files

    Hi, In the Maps folder of FusionMaps XT Download pack. You can download it the trial version from www.fusioncharts.com/download or buy it from www.fusioncharts.com/buy.
  15. Hi, Here is a list of 185 CSV files for Specification Sheet of 185 FusionMaps MapSScsv.zip
  16. Hi all, I have developed a FusionCharts Export Handler for Classic ASP. If any one requires it, can download, modify if required and use it from here. ExportHandlers_ClassicASP.zip Before you start using the Classic ASP Export Handler you need to follow these: 1. Install/Register GDLibrary.dll and bgd.dll (run Install.bat keeping the 2 DLL files in the same folder to achieve this) 2. Make sure you have the following Libraries accessible by Classic ASP a) ADODB.Stream class - to create binary image files b ) Scripting.FileSystemObject - class to read file status and create PDF file c) Scriptlet.TypeLib class - to generate GUID d) Scripting.Dictionary class - for data storage 3. You may need to configure IIS to increase the POST/Request data limit if Export Handler is telling "Insufficient data" ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: The DLLs stated above are from http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/10422/GD-library-wrapper. Thank to Dade Murphy!
  17. Export Handler For Classic Asp (With Limited Pdf Export Feature)

    Hi, You need to specify the path to the FCExporter.asp through exportHandler attribute in the XML of the chart. An example : exportEnabled='1' exportHandler='FCExporter.asp' exportAtClient='0' Rest of the process is same as any server side export handler. For more, please read: http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/?exporting-image/server-side/ECServerOverview.html
  18. ASP Export Handler

    It is not available from Forum : http://forum.fusioncharts.com/topic/11512-export-handler-for-classic-asp-with-limited-pdf-export-feature/
  19. Classic Asp Export

    Hi, You can now avail a Classic ASP Export Handler from http://forum.fusioncharts.com/topic/11512-export-handler-for-classic-asp-with-limited-pdf-export-feature/. Please note that due to various limitations of the use of 3rd party library we will not be able to include the Export Handler in our core pack.
  20. JavaScript Menu hiding behind the FusionCharts object

    Hi, Please find the attached sample showing the use of setTransparent. The zip contains the required js file. Using_setTransparent_FusionMaps31.zip
  21. Old Versions Of Fusioncharts

    Hi, The oldest version of FusionCharts v3 that you can have from our archive is v3.0.4. You can have it from http://www.fusioncharts.com/downloads/evals/Archived/3_0_4/FusionCharts_Evaluation.zip TO get the licensed version, please write to support[at]fusioncharts.com with your order id and license type.
  22. Missing } After Property List

    Hi, We have tried replicate the issue at our end with most of your settings but could not replicate the same. Could you please try using the Export Handler files from the attachment ? The attachment contains a sample which tests the scenario using 2 charts and is working fine in our 3 test environments. BTW, can you please also let us know the server's platform? phpexport.zip
  23. Suggestion Please

    Hi, You can not directly create irregular intervals like 45,60,80,100. However, since you are fixed with the intervals, as work around you can hide the native div lines and create 4 trendlines with these values. The trendlines will act as your div lines. The choice of chart will be easier for you then.
  24. Render Chart Instantly No Animation

    You can set animation='0' or defaultAnimation='0' in <chart>
  25. Div Line Intervel Not Getting

    divIntervalHints is supported only in Zoom Line chart.