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  1. Missing } After Property List

    Can you pass us the following? 1. dimensions of your charts 2. Types of charts used 3. data used for each chart so that we can test it at our end.
  2. Missing } After Property List

    you can check the max post size of your charts from the network tool and then set as per your requirements. The safest size would be width x height x 7 bytes.
  3. Server-Side: Saving On Server Disk Problem

    Hi, As of now, the export feature of JavaScript charts does not natively saving the exported image to server. It always returns back the image as download. However, you can setup your server to install the export handler and modify the code of the export handler to save the exported image in a server location.
  4. Chartobj = Getchartfromid

    Hi, Can you try once : 1. removing all escape functions from volume_dashboard code 2. replace var chartObjc = getChartFromId("chart_monthly_count"); with var chartObjc = getChartFromId("yr_vol"); ( there seems to be no chart with "chart_monthly_count" as id in your code ) and let us know?
  5. Multi Series Lines Atuo Coloring & Threshold Coloring

    Hi, As of now, for lines chart uses a pre defined set of colors (these colors work independently and apart from trennd-line colors) which you can also modify using paletteColors attribute. It takes comma separated hex colors. So, all you would need to do is to define this attribute with a set of colors which do not conflict with your trendline colors.
  6. Chart Cannot Be Downloaded As Jped And Png Image

    You need to have GD and ZLib libraries installed with PHP
  7. Div Line Intervel Not Getting

    Hi, Can you please let us know the following? 1. Chart type used 2. Width and height of the chart
  8. Missing } After Property List

    HI, By any chance does your server has a limitation to the POST size. This can be set and increased in php.ini. Bigger sized and complex looking charts do post a huge amount of data to the export handler and if they cross the POST limit, the extra data is cut off and the export handler gets incorrect/insufficient data. Can you please check once render very small sized (300x 300) charts once?
  9. Json Attribute For Error Message Color

    Hi, There is a kind of easter-egg if you are using Flash charts! You can use configure() function to set the color of the loading text using the "pbartextcolor" setting as shown in the example below: myChart.configure( "pbartextcolor", "00FF00"); The other similar settings are: pbarheight pbarbgcolor pbarborderthickness pbarbordercolor pbarwidth
  10. Getchartfromid Doesn't Work In Firefox And Chrome

    Hi Ravi, Hi, If you are using FusionCharts v3.2 or FusionCharts XT, we recommend to use FusionCharts(id) or FusionCharts.items(id) . Hope this helps
  11. Getchartfromid Doesn't Work In Firefox And Chrome

    Hi, If you are using FusionCharts v3.2 or FusionCharts XT, we recommend to use FusionCharts(id) or FusionCharts.items(id) . Hope this helps
  12. Using Jquery To Respond To Javascript Events

    Hi LindaF, All JavaScript events for Charts are available to FusionCharts jQuery plugin. You just need to add a prefix "fusioncharts" to the existing JavaScript event name. This is done to prevent conflict between names. You can get the list of JavaScript event names from the JavaScript Events page. All you would need to do is keep adding "fusioncharts" before the event names when referring to jQuery bind method. Happy FusionCharting!
  13. Setting Style Properties Like Z Index For The Flash Object

    For this method set wmode param to opaque or transparent. <object ...> <param name="wmode" value="opaque" /> ... <embed wmode="opaque" .../> </object>
  14. Change series type using javascript

    Hi, You would need to render the chart again with new data (and if required - chart type)
  15. Fusionamaps And Openlaszlo(Flash 9)

    Hi, Could you please let us know if you are using FusionMaps for Flex for this? http://www.fusioncharts.com/flex
  16. Export as image without web page

    Hi Cagg, You need to buy FusionCharts License to remove the Eval stamp. + Now, it also works in 64 bit environment, provided you have 64bit Flash Player.
  17. Hi, First, clear all references to FusionCharts.dll from your project. You are required to do one of the following: 1. Keep FusionCharts.dll in Bin folder. Remove, FusionCharts.vb from src folder or exclude the file from project 2. Copy-paste FusionCharts.dll in C:\Windows\Assembly to put the assembly in GAC. Add FusionCharts assembly as a reference to the Project
  18. Charts Are Not Displaying When Load More Charts

    Hi, This seems that the path to the SWF files might be wrong. Could you please check that the paths to the charts SWFare correct. I think the SWF files should reside at {your server path}/Web/Quiz/FusionCharts folder.
  19. Hi, FusionCharts.js normally removes all elements inside the DIV where you are rendering the chart. Hence, this. You can however create a wrapper DIV around this like: <div id="wrapper"> <span id="w" style="display: none;"><input type="text" value="600"/></span> <span id="h" style="display: none;"><input type="text" value="600"/></span> <div id="chartdiv" style="height:600px;width:600px;margin:auto;">The Chart Will Appear Here.</div> <div> and set #wrapper as the dialog element.
  20. How To Make Swf Or Fla - Like The Multiplecharts.swf Example

    Hi, FusionCharts in built using Flash 8 - AS2. Using the source of FusionCharts v3/XT Pack (available in Enterprise/Enterprise Plus license) you can create FusionCharts in your AS2 based Flash applications and that would be a single SWF File. You can do this using Flash 8 or Flash CS3/4/5/5.5 using Action Script 2 mode. However, in you are using Flash Builder, you can not make a single SWF file. You would need to use and load the specially compiled SWF files provided in the FusionCharts for Flex pack in your application. That would result into an SWF which ins your application and that application will always need to load individual chart SWF file.
  21. Pie Chart Is Not Rendered On Ipad

    Hi, Could you please let us know if JavaScript chart is rendering fine in desktop browser? If you can share a live URL or scaled-down sample, it would be great
  22. Invalid Argument In Fusioncharts.js Line: 15 Char: 33764

    The present version is FusionCharts XT (v3.2.2) (Released on 20th September, 2011).
  23. Hide Shadow While Clicking Into A Slice

    Hi, The shadow is the default select zone of the slices which is provided by the browser. As of now, this can not be removed.
  24. Hi, This was a limitation of the earlier version. Please update to the latest version v3.2.2 which has the feature supported.
  25. Adding parameters to image saving POST

    Hi, As of now the POST data can be added with a new variable. However, you can get the exported data into JavaScript and do an AJAX post after adding the required token.