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  1. Hi all, Our developer has fixed this and prepared it for the next release of PowerCharts. In case you wish to get it urgently, please mail us at support[at]fusioncharts.com with your purchase details like order id or the email id through which you have purchased it.
  2. Fusion Charts On Android

    Hi Sneha, You do not require PhoneGap. All you would need is to load the HTML files in the WebView and the HTML should be running correctly.
  3. Flash Version..

    Hi, We have used Flash 8 (AS2) to create the charts. Each charts SWF file is pre-compiled and provided in the pack to be used in implementation where Flash coding is primarily not required. However, if you wish to create charts using AS2 sources in your Flash apps, you do not need.
  4. Bubblechart Integration Issue

    Hi, As of now, there is no documentation on this. But, since FusionCharts works with PHP, you would need to develop your own component or module to ease FusionCharts in your Joomla implementation. Please read how to implement FusionCharts with PHP from : http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/?PHP_BasicExample.html
  5. Percent Width/height

    Seems your Div is not getting the converted actual height when you are using 100% height. Please try once setting absolute height (rest % values can remain as it is) ? <div id="chartContainer" style="width:100%; height:800px;">FusionCharts will load here!</div> <!-- load view specific JS file --> <script src="/js/fusioncharts/FusionCharts.js"></script> <script language="JavaScript"> var myChart = new FusionCharts( "/fusioncharts/Bar2D.swf", "myChartId", "100%", "100%", "0", "1" ); myChart.setJSONData('<?php echo $this->jsonData; ?>'); myChart.render("chartContainer"); </script>
  6. Multiseries With Asp

    Hi, Could you please let us know the following? 1. If you can see if there is a placeholder for chart which has come up. If so is it a blank white space or with a text error message If blank, the chart swf has not been loaded. If with message please let us know the message. Also please share with us the generated XML as attached text file (from view source of the Browser).
  7. Z Order Problems with Fusion Charts

    RenderChartHTML has 4 overriding functions as given in the images below:
  8. Z Order Problems with Fusion Charts

    Hi chinnu, For you the 9th param is a boolean to set transparency.
  9. Z Order Problems with Fusion Charts

    Hi, The latest FusionCharts.dll with 3.2.1 Pack provides 3 overriding RenderChart functions. The the functions with the parameters are as follows:
  10. Hi, You can always do this using our JavaScript based charts. This is an issue with Flash based charts.
  11. Differences Between Chart Gallery Chart And My Chart

    Siva, Apologies. What Anghsuman gave you is a beta (un-released) version of the JavaScript from our Development Team. Hence, this confusion. I will try to build a licensed version of the same (beta) soon and send it over to you.
  12. Real Time Angular Gauges

    you can define FC_Rendered() function which will be called when a gauge renders. Just make sure that you have set registerWithJS on when rendering it.
  13. Hi, Could you please check from Firebug console and check by writing document.getElementById("MyChart").exportChart();?
  14. Javascript_Linked_Json_Chart

    Format: J-jsFunctionName-parameterAsString can only be used to pass the name of the function and parameter to the function after dash. Note that the parameter will always be passed as one single string to the function.
  15. Javascript_Linked_Json_Chart

    Hi, The format is very simple. All you would need to do is to use link property of the data. The format is either of these two: J-jsFunctionName-parameterAsString or JavaScript:javascript code You seem to have mixed both of these:JavaScript-alert(Hi). This is invald. Again, you can not pass Hi without putting it inside a quote or apostrophe to pass it as string. Presently it would be taken as a variable name. JavaScript rules! But, additionally, if you are running it from local file system you would need to set up Flash Player global security settings. Check out this post for more information : http://forum.fusioncharts.com/topic/10016-flash-player-103-global-security-settings/page__pid__39164#entry39164
  16. Upgrade Issue In Actiona Script Instantiating Charts

    We have not yet tried with mtasc. However, it seems that you are trying to compile Column2DChart.as which is just a class file and not the main source. You would need to use this class in another Fla file and then compile it. You can try the samples like MyFirstChart.fla from the Code > FlashExamples folder of the download pack.
  17. Export Outside View Area In Ie

    In modern Flash Players the charts (flash movies loaded in the Flash player) do not get rendered if they do not come into the visual window. Hence, this. As workaround, you can try using some JavaScript to auto scroll down to the bottom of the page and comeback to the original position before calling the export function.
  18. Need To Export Charts Outside Viewing Area In Ie

    In modern Flash Players the charts (flash movies loaded in the Flash player) do not get rendered if they do not come into the visual window. Hence, this. As workaround, you can try using some JavaScript to auto scroll down to the bottom of the page and comeback to the original position before calling the export function.
  19. Can't Print From An Html Page (Server Side)

    We would like to look into this and let you know.
  20. Fusioncharts & Visualforce

    Hi, If you have a connector to your visualforce data through which you can query data and if you can build FusionCharts acceptable data format (XML/JSON), you can use the data from your visualfoce data and render chart. You do not need to use MySQL or other, in that case.
  21. Point Values On The Chart

    However, you can use displayValue attribute for the specified <set> to replace the actual value of the column with your custom text.
  22. Fusion Gadget Versus Browser Settings

    Hi FusionFerro, Could you please confirm whether the errors (from FIrefix) attached by you are also thrown in your site version? The issues shown in the error console seems JavaScript based errors.
  23. (Stacked 2D) Weird Columns Width Glitch

    Hi, Will it be possible for you to provide us the XML used, chart type and dimension of the chart?
  24. Labels Inside The Piechart

    I am afraid, not as of now.
  25. Export Outside View Area In Ie

    Hi, Yes, due to Flash Player constrain you would need to scroll down to the chart and allow them to render first after coming to visible window before rendering. Could you please let us know more on the issue on IE?