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  1. I have implemented real time line fusion char in .Not net. It will keep refreshing every 15 sec . i have added datastamp attribute in real time line Fusion chart. I have initially set the value for datastamp (ex "dataStamp" : "03:30:15") and which is properly sending this value to data provider page .  Then the data provider page send the updated values and dataStamp to chart . after specified interval the chart got refreshed with updated values but dataStamp values not getting updated. below is my code

    "chart": {
                            "caption": "Real-time Line chart",
                            "subCaption": "Sample Vs VCD",
                            "refreshInterval": "5",
                            "updateInterval": "15",
                            "xAxisName": "Time",
                            "yAxisName": "Stock Price",
                            "numberPrefix": "$",
                            "labeldisplay": "rotate",
                            "showValues": "0",
                            "showRealTimeValue": "0",
                            "theme": "fint", 
                             "dataStamp": "03:12:15",                                      
                             "dataStreamURL": "http://localhost:52018/api/Values/Test"
                        "categories": [{
                            "category": [{
                                "label": "Day Start"
                        "dataset": [{
                            "data": [{
                                "value": "0"