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  1. In an Excel chart, you can exchange rows and columns in the Select Data Source window by clicking the Switch Row/Column button. There is no equivalent functionality in FusionCharts; this is a serious usability shortcoming from our perspective for the following reason: it makes it impossible to switch rows and columns in a chart without exporting the list to Excel ... which should be the whole point of using FusionCharts: to allow charting within SharePoint without having to exit to an external application (or having to restructure a list, which in many cases will be unacceptable as a solution). A PDF which illustrates the problem with a radar chart is attached. SwitchRowsAndColumns.pdf
  2. One of the charts we're most interested in for our SharePoint 2010 lists is the radar chart ... unfortunately, several of the PowerCharts do not support JavaScript on devices that don't display Flash (e.g., iPads). What are your plans for providing full JavaScript support for the PowerChart library? Vasily
  3. I've attached a PDF that illustrates what I'm trying to do ... it's basically a one-click operation in Excel. I meant to say switching rows and columns. Vasily FusionChart Switching Radar Chart Rows and Columns.pdf
  4. Apologies if there's already a thread for this, but after searching I can't find an existing thread that addresses this topic. I'm evaluating FusionCharts for SharePoint for possible purchase. I have simple test data in a list of the form: Column 1 - Title (Apple, Orange, Pear, Melon) Column 2 - Variable 1 (numbers from 1-10) Column 3 - Variable 2 (numbers from 1-10) etc. When I embed a FusionCharts web part in a page and select the list as a source, it displays fine. However, the spokes are title values from column 1, and the series are the variables in columns 2, 3, etc. I want to flip the axes, essentially: have the spokes be the variables, and the series be the values from column 1. This is easy to do in Excel, but I don't see any way to do it in the FusionChart wizard. Is there a way to do this short of writing a web part in XML, and if not, where I can find documentation on the latter? Thanks!