Radar Chart - Switch X And Y Axes On List

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Apologies if there's already a thread for this, but after searching I can't find an existing thread that addresses this topic. I'm evaluating FusionCharts for SharePoint for possible purchase. I have simple test data in a list of the form:


Column 1 - Title (Apple, Orange, Pear, Melon)

Column 2 - Variable 1 (numbers from 1-10)

Column 3 - Variable 2 (numbers from 1-10)



When I embed a FusionCharts web part in a page and select the list as a source, it displays fine. However, the spokes are title values from column 1, and the series are the variables in columns 2, 3, etc. I want to flip the axes, essentially: have the spokes be the variables, and the series be the values from column 1. This is easy to do in Excel, but I don't see any way to do it in the FusionChart wizard. Is there a way to do this short of writing a web part in XML, and if not, where I can find documentation on the latter? Thanks!

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