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  1. Hi Moonmi This must be a problem caused by one of the extensions I have installed in Firefox. I've tried it on a different machine with no extensions installed and the charts work fine. Thanks for following up with this, but it looks like its not really a problem cheers John
  2. Hi Moonmi I think that the screenshot I attached to the original post shows it. You can see the data plots extending right to the edges of the containing box of the chart, above the primary and secondary Y-axes. If you need another screenshot please let me know cheers John
  3. I forgot to mention in my previous post, the charts work fine in Firefox 38.0.1 for Mac, it seems to only affect Windows cheers John
  4. Hi Firefox 38.0.1 for Windows has broken scroll charts. If you scroll the chart then the data scrolls in front of the Y axis so that you cannot see the axis, labels or values. The attached screen shot is from cheers John
  5. This problem seems to be fixed in Firefox 38.0.1 cheers John
  6. Hi Tooltips on scrollable combi charts seem to only work for that portion of the data which is initially visible. If you look at the Revenues and Profits chart from your documentation, , the initially visible data goes up to December 2012 ( only part of the column is visible ). You can hover over each of the Profit, Profit % and Revenue values to see the individual value. This works for values up to and including February 2013, but from March 2013 onwards you cannot hover over the Profit or Profit % data if it is obscured by the Revenue column. If the data is not obscured by the column, as in June 2013 for Profit %, you can still hover for the tooltip. From testing with my own charts, it seems that the 2 columns immediately following the initially visible data are treated as if they were initially visible, as the tooltips always work for the first 2 data values after scroll, no matter how many values are initially visible. The same problem affects the showHoverEffect also - it will not fire if the data point is obscured by the column. The same behaviour happens if you use the scrollToEnd facility - the initially visible data and the 2 data points immediately preceding it work correctly, everything else will fail if the data point is obscured. I do not believe that this is browser dependent, as I have tried it in Firefox, Opera, IE and Chrome. It seems that the code which applies the hover effect and tooltip to data points which are plotted on top of a column is only being applied to the initially visible area, and that an additional 2 data points are being treated as if they were in the visible area. Please let me know if you'd like more information or if you want me to clarify any of the above cheers John
  7. Hi I'm having this problem in Firefox 37.0.1 too. It seems to be affecting Line 2D, Zoomline and Spline charts, but it is not affecting multiseries line 2D, combi or multiaxis line charts. Also, on the zoomline chart it does show the individual data points, if you zoom in far enough, but it does not draw the lines
  8. Thanks for the quick response, Sanjukta. That works fine now. One other issue, though. The sNumberPrefix and sNumberSuffix are being overridden by the numberPrefix and numberSuffix. Its not too bad to just leave them out for iOS devices, but thought that you should know. thanks again John
  9. Hi There seems to be a couple of problems passing discontinuous data to the HighCharts class for iPad / iPhone etc. Firstly, if the first value of a series is missing, it doesn't seem to be able to work out what the limits on the Y-axis should be. This doesn't seem to be a problem inherent in HighCharts, as directly creating a chart with initial values missing works fine. I've attached a couple of files to demonstrate this. test-chart.xml shows the faulty behaviour. If you change the initial set to have a value, any value, then the chart renders fine. high-charts.html shows a similar dataset being rendered correctly when directly using HighCharts. Another, possibly related, issue is that empty values don't seem to be correctly passed to HighCharts. In the attached high-charts.html missing values are correctly omitted from rendering. When rendering test-chart.xml through FusionCharts, however, the missing values appear to be given a default value of 0, rather than being passed as null. I have tried passing a value of 'null', but that doesn't work either. I'm using FusionCharts version 3.2.1-release. Any help with these problems would be appreciated. cheers John test-chart.xml high-charts.html